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How important is the remote for TV to your kids?
Her Dear Boys
It was her dear boys
Coming home from school
Charging through the door
Looking for some easy body fuel.
Big, heavy backpacks
Tumbled to the floor
Housekeeper Nene shook her head
Got ready to go to the store.
Empty bottles of juice and candy
Rolled from their hands
Outside little Garner
Made faces in the sand.
On a warm, cloudless day
As far as one could see
The boys collided with each other
As they reached for the remote for TV.
Then the keys rattled softly
In the lock of their front door
Meant that it was dear old Mother
With patience any more.
If the rooms were still untidy
And the yard had not been raked
The remote would be confiscated
And the boys would know heartbreak.
They flew around like tornadoes
The clutter disappeared
They took no prisoners with the laundry
And leaves had much to fear.
Their mother was so happy
To see that they had tried
They boys were given their trophy
And everyone retired with pride.

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