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Writers Cramp entry
 Cinnamon  (E)
Writers Cramp entry
#2114125 by Chris Breva AKA Marvin Schrebe
10 lines

Prompt: "
Your New Prompt is:

Ten Wonderful Uses for Cinnamon

That’s a recent article in a woman’s article.

For today’s prompt, you need to write about using cinnamon outside the kitchen.

Would it freshen spaceship air ducts?

Could cinnamon help eliminate weeds in an underground/subocean garden?

Is it possible that it might decrease the level of animosity at a high-tension international conference?

Could cinnamon be the next cure for sleeplessness, especially for house pets?

You can make up something fantastical , but . . .

Write a poem or story about using cinnamon in some interesting (and perhaps odd) way."

Cinnamon is a wonderful spice
When you use it smells nice.

Get it in your eyes and it burns
So use it like mace and a robber turns.

We all get slugs in the yard
Sprinkled cinnamon on it to retard,

Some swear cinnamon helps with the common cold
I don't believe it but it's what I'm told.

When you think of cinnamon do think twice
There are many uses for this common spice.

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