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Creatively Cinnamon Blogs about her visit to Mars. WC: 377
It's great to be back on Earth. Mars is a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. I didn't even want to go, but my editor ask me to write an article on the uses of cinnamon on Mars. He thought the best way for me to find out how our Martian brothers and sisters used this sacred spice was to go to Mars and observe them.

It seems there are a number of ways to use cinnamon beside in the kitchen. In fact, I never observed anyone on Mars using cinnamon in recipe except one. The only Martian recipe that calls for cinnamon is Love Potion Number 9 which isn't used by the human colonist. It is, however, used by native Martians in their mating rituals. It seems that cinnamon is a Martian aphrodisiac which has same effect on the natives in as honeyed oysters has on the people of Earth.

Cinnamon is also used as bait for Martian sand roaches. These pesky little critters, like all roaches, are extremely hard to exterminate. These insects go by the scientific name of Blattodea rudhira because of their blood red color. The females are usually larger and a brighter red than the males, but whichever gender they are they are attracted to cinnamon.

According to the famous Martian entomologist Professor Phineas Panthino Paladin just a sprinkle of cinnamon in a Martian roach motel will attract dozens of the creatures. Once the creatures check into a motel they never check out. Professor Paladin doesn't think that the cinnamon itself kills the creatures. He believes that the aroma of the cinnamon does one of two things, either it hides the scent of the pesticides or it clogs the roaches tracheae (breathing tubes).

If any of my readers are planning a trip to Mars, I suggest you invest in large quantities of either powder or stick cinnamon. The Martian government, both the colonial council and the native assembly, are so desperate for this unique spice that you can bring it onto the planet duty free. Only permanent colonist or natives can sell outside of the spaceport, but tourist can sell or trade it anywhere under the ports main dome.

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