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by idiot
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2114428
suspicious U.F.O. sightings
Not Too Bad Day
Mr. Tinsel was up early in the morning. He had chores to do. His mind was working that early in the morning.Mrs. Tinsel lied there, in bed, with not much to do. Breakfast was traditional, for most families, but Mrs. Never much cared about the tradition.
The neighborhood was a woodsy area, with houses that looked like they came out of a fairytale storybook. Gingerbread, the three little pigs homes, etc .There was a shiny bright light on the other side of the woods, which no one ever seemed to talk about. Mr. Tinsel, and his wife, never, discussed much anyway. Their marriage was mostly a security for both, due to finances their parents left them, and they pretty much had an arranged marriage at the young age of 12years old…, prearranged.

Suddenly, Red, the dog broke loose, from the collar strap, and began to run towards the bright lights, on the other side of the woods.
Mr. Tinsel was not much of a runner. He gave up his athletics after marrying Mrs. Tinsel. Mr. Tinsel did a lot of things before he was married, but he forgot about all his contacts, and the seriousness, of the matter.

The lights were so bright. “Here Red! Here Red,”Mr Tinsel would shout, officially, not seeming to sound loud mouthed because of the neighbors. The dog never showed, but there was a voice that silently called out his name. “Mr. Tinsel, it’s your good friend Jim, from the old days, can you hear me?” Mr. Tinsel rubbed his eyes, which were exhausted from the light source, which seemed to try also to hypnotize his mind. “What’s going on here”, he shouted, in confusion, starting to throwhis hands,like a boxer, in a violent manner towards the light. He fell from exhaustion, and the voice he heard was not too far away from his unconsciousness.
Mr. Tinsel woke from his unconscious state, and noticed, his friend Jim, looking down on him, as if he were an angel, but he forgot about the unidentified beings from his past, before he was married to Mrs. Tinsel.”Jim is it really you?, thought you died, and never would be back from that place that I don’t really recollect”, he said, looking at the ground, noticing that he wasn’t in the woodsy area, where he lived, with his wife, Mrs. Tinsel."Bill Tinsel, what a delight that I get the opportunity to see you once again. I remember when you told those aliens to shove off, and don’t mess with earthlings, Jim said, “grabbing his arm, being serious, leading him out of the bright lights, to a doorway that, if you could see, was dimmer than the bright lights.

“Things are starting to come back to me. I remember…, I remember, I can’t place it…, but I remember being dropped out of the sky”, struggling, and sweating, eyes bulged, trying to go back to the place, where I was abducted". Jim just looked at him, and says, “yes Bill, we were abducted, But you died, in another life.” They sent me here to bring you back,” Jim said, in a devious well-mannered voice. Mr. Tinsel was confused, and had a lot of questions that he wanted answered. “So if I go back to that place…, which I did recollect, what would happen to my life with my wife?”, he said, thinking about his adventures, the things he did, before his prearranged marriage.“Things will come about, but you have to trust me, and things will work out for the best of us”, Jim says, not really believing himself, or not really understanding what really was going on. Mr. Tinsel then says, how do I know that you are really who you say you are”, looking at him with mistrust in his eyes."Bill you’re just going to have to trust me”, guiding him towards another door.

It was his bar room. Mr. Tinsel could see himself, sitting at the bar guzzling booze, of many sorts. There was loud Irish music in the back round, and a woman on the dance floor, who was on her way over to Mr. Tinsel. Sexually, she got Mr. Tinsel on the dance floor, and he began to dance, holding her very tight.
Mr. Tinsel, looking at himself, had no recollection of this event and says, “I never did this, your some kind of demon from hell. Let me out of here!,” Jim wasn’t Jim at all. He was an alien being, and he turned to his natural form.
Red made it back home and Mrs. Tinsel was up by now. The dog had a good way of communicating with human beings, and barks at a sign of urgency. Mrs. Tinsel quickly got dressed, and ran down the street, towards the bright lights.
Mr. Tinsel was intoxicated, at the early bar, that open at 5:30 a.m. in the morning, for all those soldiers, who claimed to see U.F.O.s.?
Mrs. Tinsel was standing in front of the bright lights, and entered, as though she knew what she was doing. She saw her husband, looking confused, and says, “Bill Tinsel, you better come home, and stop telling these stories, and calling me an alien from another planet. I’m your wife, and you never were abducted from another planet. The only thing that you have been abducted from is your alcoholism..., she said nonsensily.it's your friend Jim, who you blame yourself for, during the war”, she says, as she had every day, of their prearranged marriage. “I’m sorry honey. I don’t think you look like an alien from another planet, but you do look better, after all the lies I’ve told, and the cleverness, of finances, of my bar opening, at 5:30a.m., in the morning, called the Bright Lights. Is Red all right?,” Mr. Tinsel says apologetically, and they both leave the bar holding hands, like every other day, since they were forced into their prearranged marriage.

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