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losing things
lost things By: alfred cox junior

things lost

When losing things one can become miserable. It’s very inconvient when you lose your keys. House keys are a serious lost. If your sitting on the porch your neighbors may call the police on you, claiming that you are braking into your own house. Breaking a window, or trying to get through the basement is worst. It’s probably a good idea that you keep a spare key somewhere outside. Maybe you won’t lose things in your house, because of a nosy neighbor, that will find your spare key, under the flower pot. Be more creative.

Losing your wallet, or purse is very worrisome. All your credentials stolen, and it definitely means making many phone calls to cancel things. Your identity could be stolen from you. The money in your wallet is important, but you know the deal, getting social security, and identification, and drivers license can be pain, and the idiot who found or stole your belongs
Should have took the money, and sent your belongs to your home, or dropped the purse, or wallet, in the mailbox. Most mail persons are good sanitarians.
The loss of a pet can be traumatic especially to a child. For example; little Jack Carter didn’t really deserve his pet dog, Mitch. he wouldn’t clean up after it didn’t feed it, didn’t even bother to take it for walks. The only thing he would do is watch the pet suffers because of the things he wouldn’t do for it. Jacks’ father was abusive, to the pet, and that’s the reason the pet ran away. Fortunately some neighbors found the pet, and took him in, with loving care.
Ironically Jack was devastated by the loss of his pet Mitch. He searched the neighborhood but he couldn’t find Mitch.
Lost things sometimes can be a good thing, at least good for Mitch.

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