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Out in the blue moonlight, Maria was looking at the pacific ocean it looked so beautiful.

Confused Part 1

Out in the blue moonlight, Maria was looking at the pacific ocean it looked so beautiful.The sand there was glittered like very tiny diamonds.Maria started walking on the beach towards a light that she saw coming from the forest by where she was at.

She stopped all of a sudden she saw lots of people flashing flashlights everywhere.She didn't know what they were looking for.Sudden out of the forest comes this creature with lots of fur on it,horns on top of it head a nose like a bulls teeth all pointed and sharp.

All where you could see every one of them.This scare Maria very badly.It then looked at her it said",you need to write a book about me right now."Then he runs turns towards the ocean drops something in the surf,just as a leopard shapeshifter jumps out of the woods.

It says to Maria "where did it go?"She pointed to the ocean but when shapeshifter looked towards where Maria pointed there was nothing there.Then the leopard shapeshifter says "where are you pointing to because from what I see there is nothing there?"

Then Maria looked were she was pointing to she noticed something red shining in the water where she was pointing at.She wondered why the leopard shapeshifter couldn't see it.She says I guess he went into the water over that way by the lighthouse.

He then left searching for the creature that actually went into the water. After the snow leopard was far enough away looking for the creature Maria went over to the shining red thing in the water.What she found out it was she couldn't believe it was a red ruby.

She didn't know what to do.So she got out her purse,wrapped the ruby in some tissue and put it in her purse. The leopard shapeshifter comes up behind Maria just after she puts the ruby in her purse.He grabs her by the shoulders turns her around.

Says now where did he go I want to know right now don't play games with me you little human.Maria says like I told you in the water, you came out of the woods over there when I looked over my shoulder he was gone.He says did he give you anything or say anything to you?

Maria says he didn't say or give me anything.

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