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An interview with Fish Slapping Man.
Hello everyone, The Bizarre Trooper here, and today for the first episode of Odd Interviews, i have a really odd guest, say hello to Fish Slapping Man!

FSM: 'Ello ev'ryone!

Now Fish Slapping Man, tell us how you started your fish slapping?

FSM: it actually all started by my first ancestor whom fish slapped God himself.

Your first ancestor fish slapped God?! How d'he do dat?

FSM: Simple, he fish slapped God with the Leviathan!

The very almighty beast of the seas?!

FSM: The very same, and his fish slapping became a tradition in my family from a generation to another.

Fascinating, do you have any ancestors who fish slapped specific persons?

FSM: Certainly, one of my ancestor fish slapped the very first president of the United States of America: George Washington, he fish slapped him so hard, George's wooden theeths came out of his mouth!
Oh damn.

FSM: That's not all i also had an ancestor who once fish slapped Julius Caesar.

What kind of fish did this ancestor of yours slapped Caesar?

FSM: He fish slapped Julius Caesar with a shark!

A shark?!

FSM: Yis, a tiger shark to be specific.

Wow, any other ancestors of yours you want to tell us about?

FSM: Yis, i had an ancestor who fish slapped Benjamin Franklin to help him discover electricity.

How did he helped Benjamin Franklin discover electricity exactly?

FSM: Simpul, he fish slapped Benjamin Franklin with an electric eel during a storm!

Holy cow!

FSM: That is all you need to know about my ancestry, any questions?

Huh yes another, which person did you fish slapped this year?

FSM: Donald Trump, i fish slapped him with an angler from the depth of the seas.

I see well that's all for today thank you for participating in this odd interview Mr. Fish Slapping Man.

FSM: Thank you for being slapped by a fish.

Huh? What are you talking about i didn't get fish sla- *gets fish slapped by a harreng*... I see what you did there.

Preview time! (woo!)
Next time on Odd Interviews.

Tell me, how did it feels to be a immortal ninja snake guy?

???: Honestly, i feel like my partners and master don't fully understand me.


Tune in next time on Odd Interviews!

Odd Interviews was brought you by McDonald's, i am loving it!
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