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Instead of writing my master's thesis, I people watched and was extremely entertained.
I'm at Starbucks trying to work on my thesis. And instead of working I'm looking at people. On my left, a couple madly in love. So much so, the beautiful woman is sitting on the man's lap, all over each other and kissing. Next to me, are two women. One is reading, the other one is working. In front of me are a mother and her few months old baby playing, two girl friends catching up, a couple on their very first date, two classmates working. The couple on their first date is adorable. She keeps laughing and they're both nervous. And a woman just brought a multiple outlet device for all of us to use if we need to charge are computers.
An hour later, the couple on their first date left and the couple madly in love are now sitting next to each other. They're talking when the guy says something to upset the girl. She slaps him, gets up, takes her coat, says that she realized something that I didn't hear and told him they're over and leaves. He gets up and goes after her. For a while I thought they were gonna pleasure each other in front of everybody and then they break up. They were then replaced by a group of friends speaking in sign language. I think they hadn't seen each other in a while as their reunion was emotional, I think there were tears.
Anyways, I didn't manage to write a lot but thank you Starbucks for keeping me entertained!
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