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The battle between the parricorn and the sharkhorse
On this Monday morning in early spring in a land far away, the battle between Good and Evil began, ferociously. It was the beginning of Time. A path of dark encounters was about to start.

Where those creatures came from, nobody knew. Some said they were the pets of Halacorn, the God of the Earth; others were sure they came with the stardust from the big yonder and stayed hiding in the forests until they would show themselves.

The parricorn was a gentle creature, half parrot, half unicorn, a beautiful upright white animal with intelligent eyes. Highborn and noble. The sharkhorse was a callous and cruel creature, gray of hue and low to the ground. Half shark, half horse. His sharp teeth glistened in the sun.

They met in an open field, surrounded by stones and rocks.

For one hour, they stood there, opposite each other, casing out the opportunities, like boxers in a ring. The sharkhorse made the first move towards the parricorn, who backed off a little.

They were shadowing each other for a long time, making moves like a dance, approaching, distancing, on and on. Beaks open, nostrils wide, and sweaty skin.

Legend has it that the sky suddenly opened at that point, and the two animals were up in the clouds fighting each other, bleeding like rain, losing skin like snow.

The outcome of the fight became the secret of the world: and to this day, the parricorn and the sharkhorse are fighting their battle for us. Good versus Evil. It’s still a tie.

On Earth, some days Good wins, some days Evil takes over. And when it does, people look at the moon-lit sky and say a prayer to the parricorn and the sharkhorse, still fighting.

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