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Rated: E · Poetry · Steampunk · #2115210
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steam escaped from the punks ride
His creation could fly and glide
It was small but extremely strong
made with titanium and bolts and so got thronged

Crowds amazed by it's great speed
a wondrous creation, yes indeed
Bells and whistles it surely had
buttons galore it looked quite mad

Colors black and dull blue
cranks and wheels spun a different tune
it shuttered to a halt after racing ahead
traffic behind left in its wake instead

Punk droe it well with great glee
wearing a top hat and long coat you see
His demeanor was quite sadistic
We thought he'd stolen and gone ballistic

No he did not but he stole instead
took bread out of kids mouths then he fled
The gold disappeared no one knows where
still no one can help but stand still and stare

Machine and he a team to contend
don’t know if they're around the bend

Lines: 22

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