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Happiness from another knows no seperation even death can't steal it from your heart
Together forever

Hands clenched by hurt,
Punching in the air,
To hit imagery foes,
Who hurt more then they know.

Memories folding into one undying need,
To find some peace,
An oasis,
In an uneasy world.

Friends speak their kindness,
Words hurt though meant to heal,
Hard to say when I try,
Why kind words make me cry.

Holding on to something,
To make it through the day,
Somehow comes the touch,
That helps in its own gentle way.

Needing to find peace,
Yet wanting to run,
Mind full of confusion,
A journey had begun.

Mind still reeling,
With questions mainly why,
The only answer that came,
My son too He had to die.

He spoke to me,
About love undying,
That sits within our heart.
And in its giving gently plays its part.

Then hands that once clenched,
Stayed open with joy and pride,
Receiving love never failing.
As heaven showed me what I knew inside.

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