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How to make a wand. An exercise in personification. Previously:His daughter's Magic Wand
Begin: understand what a Magic Wand is and why you might make one.

         Being that I am a Magic Wand, it should be easy to convince you to make a Magic Wand as superb as myself. Right? Easy. Imagination should come easy to you. I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself? Never mind.

         Some may be skeptical; I can feel skepticism like an angry bubble ready to burst and sputter away like you might if I don’t get on with it, so here it goes. Anyone can make a Magical Wand, but it helps if they can justify the reason for having it. Once a need is realized, the first step in creating a truly useful Wand is taken and you can begin the process of imbuing your Wand with purpose. I am filled with purpose! Purpose is the necessary thing that powers you and your Wand to tip the scale of possibilities in your favor. That is what you want, right? Do you want to get things done? Fulfilling purpose is a big, big, first step. I wish I could take that step.

         I am not perfect, but I was created with a purpose. Perhaps, you might guess my purpose? If not, no matter. Your purpose is what is important. Be yourself important.

         Let’s say this will be your first Magical Wand. You can do that, right? Some think there is a division between the Magical universe and the scientific universe and I am here to tell you there is not. They are one and the same for those who look deep enough to see it. If you can’t see it, no matter. When ready, understanding will come. Try not to go out like an angry bubble!

         Imagine this is your first Magical Wand, let’s define our purpose for this new Wand we are making. I suggest breaking it down into a simple statement. Try this: “I declare- I want to see the beauty in myself and my surroundings.” Doesn’t seem like a simple statement, does it? It is a good start and there is an old saying to use what works. Now that we have a purpose, let’s begin with the assembly of the Wand. Focus on finding that thing that crosses your path once your statement has been declared. It is very important to declare your statement. It may be that you find a branch that crosses your path, or it could be that one paintbrush that sparked your attention. Whatever it is, take the time to clean it thoroughly and resolve to only use it for its intended purpose from now on. Take your time and be at least somewhat sure of your find. If you are unsure, go with what you find. Sometimes we must take the first step, then plunge into the bubbly water.

         Do the same when decorating the Wand itself. Only put things on it that you believe can help with your purpose. If you think running copper down the Wand will create conductivity, then do so. My creator even went so far as to rub a bit of his own blood on me and it worked. He didn’t know then that he didn’t need to injure himself to get results. In fact, doing so is often contrary to the purpose of Magical Wand creation! It is better to use what is given with harm, like spit, or even tears if you can manage them. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, find another way. Use nothing if it makes you feel better.

         Perhaps now it is time for you to get a better look at me. Look closer and you will see ancient runes burned into me. I am an ash twig twice the thickness of Merlin’s thumb and just a bit bigger than the length of his elbow to his outstretched fingers. He didn’t know I would survive so many centuries. He didn’t know Morgana had a twin daughter who would find and keep me for so long. So many years were spent trying to decipher the words engraved upon me because they were thought to contain the meaning to the universe, the angelic secret language, but the truth is, he just made up the markings because he thought they looked cool. He looked closely at the bark of the tree where he discovered me and took special notes of the patterns in the bark and transferred some of them to me. Remember, the purpose is transferable, though, I wouldn’t recommend it. There is a cosmic joke here, but that is another story.

         So, now you have your Wand built and I imagine you are wondering what to do with it. Already, you have begun to charge your Wand with its intended purpose. It is time to more actively charge it. Remember, this is your purpose, your Wand. Put into it what you would get out of it. Put your mind and body to work! Can you feel the tingle in your fingers? If you have no fingers, no matter. The Magic of the universe is for all. Imagine it, even if you cannot feel it. Learn to control it. Some, like painters, can see the colors flow and can imbue purpose through colors to their wands. For those of you who cannot imagine this process, or simply find it silly, I would agree with you too. Creating a Magical Wand is like taking ownership of a certain spot. That’s my chair, or I always park there. Let me remind everyone that if it works, use it. It is your purpose, after all. If you cannot conjure purpose, then it is indeed silly and I strongly suggest a bit of introspection. Just saying.

         Finally, a word of advice: use your Wand only for your intended purpose. Bring it out when you want to work with it, but put it away where it is not compromised. Treat it like a good tool should be treated. Don’t let your Wand be handled by others unless they share your purpose strongly. Don’t let your Wand be stolen like I was stolen. For a while, my purpose became dark and confused and it wasn’t until recently that my purpose became renewed, became clear. But, my purpose is not your purpose, at least, not yet. Be true to yourself and better your position in life. Help others better their position in life when you can. I thank you for your time.

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