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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes is a woman that finds the strength to love again.
Dark clouds dance around the sky,
And I count the seconds that go by.
A soft slow wind starts to blow,
As I count back from goodbye to hello.

A severe thunder unleashes her wrath,
As she sends memories swimming back.
Slowly droplets propel from dark pitch,
Life for death I have wished to switch.

A face is painted in the clouds above,
A portrait of the man I loved.
The rain preaches to me a silent song,
The soft rhythms remind me of a love gone wrong.

Lightening dances across the ground,
I love this song.... For it's where my heart is bound.
A place the sun will never show,
A place love will never know.

The ocean grows angry with each tossing wave,
As death embraces a new slave.
It is time to put this dying love to sleep,
And forget about all the promises he couldn't keep.

Time to search for and find the sun,
While I hope and pray the brutal game is done.
Remembering that all I can do is try,
So into the wind goes my last goodbye.

Through this storm I will find my way,
Not to forget, but just live through the day.
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