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by Utsu
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2115874
Chapter 8 of my project Switch in perspective, i dont know if that's good to do that :/
-"Fenibax let his arm go, Utsu you're coming with me. Now."

I decided to listen to Shiina and to let Utsu go, i look back and see Shiina walking back to town.

-"Fuck it was about to get interesting." Said Utsu before grabbing the man by his collar. "You're really fucking lucky man, i don't have time to take care of you."

He gave him a hard punch in the face , breaking his nose, blood started to drip down the face of the man on the ground. Utsu got up and leaved the scene, following Shiina. I got closer of the man and started healing him.

-"Why are you doin' this?" He asked , surprised.

-"No life should be lost on a trivial reason like this one."

-"This is war man, if i see you again i'll maybe have to kill you."

-"You'll try, but you'll fail."

I got up and leaved the man there , heading for town.


The man, back on his feet, was calling me.i stopped for a moment and looked at him over my shoulder.


He turned away and disappeared in the forest. I kept on walking down the road to town when i saw a huge beast getting out of the forest , it looked like a metal giant , like some sort of golem.

-"Seriously, that's how i'm thanked after healing an harmed man?! I can't believe it."

The monsters didn't looked like he saw me and was heading for town too, i decided to follow him, keeping a safe distance from him hoping for him to change direction.Unfortunately he looked decided to go in town like something was calling him there.He entered town the only town peoples running for their life.The monster lifted his arms to grab someone on top of a nearby house, it was at this moment that i decided to intervene.I focused my magic using my sword as catalyst, slicing the air in direction of the golem a wave of fire came crushing down on his back.Turning back slowly he ran toward me and tried to grab me but he was far too slow, i dodged with ease and hand came crashing on the ground near me.Trying to take advantage of it i tried cutting his arm.My blade bounced back on his steel like skin.Dragging his arm on the ground his palm open he tried to grab me again i launched another spell where i was and jumped over his hand leaving a clone of ice behind he grabbed it and bring it to his face like a retard.I detonated my clone , freezing his face off , blinding him in the process.Climbing on top of some big crates near me i yelled at him.

-"Hey big guy, Let's break the ice together!"

Jumping on his face i stabbed my sword through the ice directly in his eye socket, the monster started to panic and ran around town kept holding on only by the handle of my sword stuck in his face.

-"Ok maybe that's wasn't the greatest idea."

Focusing my magic once again in the blade it started to melt the ice around and the blade came loose, in the panic the monster arrived near Shiina's house.

-"Sweet she'll give me a hand..."

The monster grabbed me while i was occupied looking at the house and placed me in front of his face.

-"Hey, wanna see a magic trick?"

I made a little ball of light appear between my thumb and index and placed it between his eyes. The monster squinted , trying to look at the ball.

-"Look closely cause it's going to blow you away...literally."

The bomb that i placed on his face exploded in a big explosion and send me flying through the air right for Shiina 's dojo and I crashed right through it.Getting up again slowly i looked at Shiina and said:

-"I think you got some visitors."
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