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Prompt: 1920's Paris cafe, cat, bottle of wine Line count: 32
I walked along the Boulevard Saint-Germain
a weary tourist traveling in time
wanting to rest
before returning
to the twenty-first century.

I came to the corner
of Boulevard Saint-Germain
and the Rue Saint-Benoît,
the Café de Flore,
with its outdoor tables
beckoned me to pause
and rest my aching feet.

All the tables,
except one,
were occupied
by couples planning
romantic rendezvous.

at a table near the door,
sat a Polydactyl cat;
I stroked the creatures dark head
and then lower my aching body
into the chair next to him.

A waiter soon brought
a bottle of wine,
two glasses,
and a note that read:
"Please don't give
Ernest Hemingway Cat
more than one glass of wine
or he is yours
for the rest of time."

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