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This is my official 1,000th public review here at writing.com, and I thanked everyone!
         This is my official 1,000th public review here at writing.com. Today is March 8th 2017, and I consider this to be the biggest milestone ever for me in all of my 5 years here at this wonderful writing site. To me it's worth more than all of the merit badges, community recognition, and bonus points combined. I learned a lot doing each and every one of these reviews. I met a lot of really good people, and I learned a whole bunch of new things in life while I was reading all of these stories and poems here. I learned that there are a lot of really good people here who have a lot of kind words to say. I tried my very best to always give good positive feedback, as well as spread lots of purple all around. I'm trying to make this possibly one of the biggest reviews ever here at writing.com. If I accomplish this feat then that's great, and if not it isn't because I didn't try. There won't be any fancy photographs or pictures accompanying this review, because I never really figured out how to do that little trick here. There will be plenty of good words, somewhere around 1,375 words, and that I can assure you.

         This is by no means an anonymous review. I selected you Dr M C Gupta, because you took time out of your busy schedule to review me more than any other writer here at writing.com. Not just two reviews, three reviews or even four reviews, but you reviewed me an astonishing seven different times. Each of those seven times giving me more, and more really good feedback that I was able to use and grow as a writer here on the Internet. I really do appreciate you doing all of this, and I thank you so very much for all of the kind words.

         I went to the very first item in your portfolio, which was "Please Review My Port", where you said that these items are still waiting for a reviewer, and would you like to be the first one? So I clicked on that, which brought me to the first of four entries "My pain, don’t think it is light.". It was a ghazal poem written in English, that you said was written after a long period of time, which you finally released to all of us in this world on February 19th 2017. You did a good job explaining that a ghazal is written with seven syllables to a line, and you even supplied a link where the reader can learn what a ghazal is and how to write it. You did a wonderful job telling how you write Hindi ghazals daily under the pen name of Khalish.

         Dr M C Gupta your poem "My pain, don’t think it is light" was very well written as I have noticed that all of your writing has been in the past. It rhymed wonderfully throughout every single one of your five verses using the words light, bright, contrite, right, fight, and write. You used only 57 words to compose your ghazal, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you how this word count ranks you closely with the great Dr. Seuss. All of your spelling was spot on perfect, and it was a very enjoyable experience to read your poem out loud. Your ghazal certainly fit very well into all four of the categories that you listed of poetry, love, romance, and writing. You did a great job, and of course I'm covering you up with lots of purple stars!

         Now Dr M C Gupta you certainly hold the title hands down on giving me the most reviews at seven, but I would also like to talk with you about all of the other reviews that I received in return for my 1,000 public reviews. I have received back in return for my 1,000 public reviews 76 ratings of my work at a 7.6% return rate, and 75 public reviews of my work at a 7.5% return rate. I certainly wasn't counting on that to happen, but I see these return numbers are out of this world. I think these numbers are remarkably great thing, especially compared to numbers like the odds of winning the lottery.

         I would like to take a moment and thank all of the writers for their kind words, and wonderful reviews of my work, and I hope Dr M C Gupta that you don't mind me including everybody else along with this review. Now following directly behind you Dr M C Gupta there was willy who reviewed me a whopping five big times. Following right behind him there was Zeke who reviewed me four whole times. Next there were two writers who reviewed me thee times each. They were Angus who gave me three very colorful reviews, and Amy - Very Very Busy who gave me three reviews accompanied along with some very beautiful pictures.

         There were seven writers who graced me with two reviews each. I appreciate their time and energy very much, because after writing 1,000 reviews I know just how long it really does take to write a good quality review. These seven different writers are S. z kamoonpuri, T.L. Finch, and SoldierBoy. There was Pony Tale, Kotaro, and Weirdone - Back in the Game. Princess Megan Rose also wrote me two reviews, and I wanted to add that she has the most beautiful pictures on all of writing.com. Her wonderful pictures are so beautiful that they are literally just breathtaking to even look at.

         Blimprider gave and provided me with the biggest, and most in depth review that any one has ever given me here on writing.com, and I really thank him. Both Prelooker, and Dave gave me another two very big and in depth reviews, and I do from experience fully realize that reviews like this take a lot of time. Djokolot gave me a beautifully done review with multiple pictures that were very nice to look at. Chris Breva 2016 Quills Nominee also gave me a review accompanied along with a very beautiful picture. I also really enjoy helping and supporting Chris Breva with his wonderful poetry contest, and I know a lot of people enjoy participating in these contest.

         I want to thank bobric for the review who I remember so well, but is now for some strange reason listed now as a Past Member. I really don't know what that's all about, but I'm sure he will be missed. I also got a review from an Anonymous Reviewer in affiliation with Showering Acts of Joy Group, and I thank that person very much who ever you may be. There's also always one bad apple in every bunch, who's name will not be spoken here, and I simply ignored that little boy's childish remarks. Bless his heart.

         I would like to now thank each and every one of my other reviewers as well. I have seen some very interesting one of a kind names here at writing.com, and all of my special reviewers are no different. I have even seen a pen named that you had to use morse code to translate. I want to thank for all of their wonderful reviews BBK, Jaspertouben, Moona, bgsk, and Tim chiu. I want to thank Lezismore - Author, Schnujo--Quill Awards Nominee, Word Warrior Published Author, debmorefield@me.com, and a writer who only goes by one single solitary letter - G.

         I want to thank for their wonderful reviews Louise Wiggins is Elizabeth, Cordelia, Jeff Meyer, Armed Raven, Nita Kapadia, Tenshinoshin, and Woo. I want to thank Alessandra Bee, Sapphire, Maria Mize, Karlben 76, Starwriter, and Lefty. I would like to thank Shadowcaster, Marlow Rivers, Dianne Lowe Breakfield, and Eifin Dragon - poetry friend. Finally I want to thank StoryBob, Sum1, Logan, Harry, and Mazzii. I really do appreciate every single one of your wonderful reviews, and kind words more than I can ever find the words to say in writing here. Thank you all so very much, and keep on writing, Bubblegum Jones

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