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Who is it, how is this being done?
You lie to everyone, you're my next bi-eve, you're my new bi-queen, you're my true love is what you say to every human being left on the world, you didn't disease and take the soul of yet. Or someone whos not been taken by you yet unknowingly and foolishly states, "I'm * next bi-gay." What's so great about this people?! The one's that really get hurt is when you tell someone when you say they're going to be your queen or king and I'm going to marry you. You told me that, "I destroyed your ring because you're not the one." That really hurt, because the one you chose, shares your same lifestyle choice, and I don't. "She's my true other half."

Good bye then. I'll move on and will do my own good and benevolent thing's to help contribute to the good for society, not murder them. What an idiot you are! I'll only remain with you to say hi and bye every day then. That's really sad. You've called me your slave how stupid is that? You say I'm too stupid to be your queen now and so and so's your true other half now. Pathetic, just because of her lifestyle choice being the same as yours? You contracted aids to her too! You're the one that's stupid! Love is love when it's true, not a lifestyle choice idiot!!!

You get together behind my back constantly with every teen, man and woman on the world, you take all of their soul and energy, and contract aids to all of them, you lie to all of us telling us they're your queen, wife, husband, king for their soul and disease that's incurable. You hop into another humans body all over the place doing this through everyone it's so stupid! By use of narcotics! You're murdering humanity and you're getting away with it. You use mind control to get anyone you want to because you can, as you say. And I've heard you say near me, "I've been ordered to kill." The hel* are you?! Who gave you this order?! You're truly sick, a sick, evil unloved soul. I loved you, you diseased me, too. You told me you weren't diseased and were only interested in me, yet every time I'm not with you, you're with your next person, behind my back, every single day. You're never happy or satisfied. You'll keep doing it until every human being gets your aids and looses their soul, light. You're sick.

I can see you, and your smirk and mock me through the person you're in near me to take another soul with, next. You're out of control! You're sick! Its very wrong doing this to humanity! The he'll* is wrong with you?!

Over time after you've taken all humans in this way on the world, there's no one left for you to be with, to call your queen. It was supposed to be me, you diseased me too. You're left alone because we all died.

Happy now?


St. Michael read this now. What a pity for you! Now he's going to seek and will find you before it comes to this for everyone else you didn't have your way with yet!

You forsaked yourself! What will you do when there's no one left to eat? Oh well, enjoy your rule, alone! You're the sucker! I am not your slave or a thing to keep! Make your own supper and wash your own as* as*hole!

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