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Peter pushed the coffin open. Today was his rebirth day. A Folkore Monthly Contest Entry
The Rebirth Day

The sky was a sheet of onyx reflecting a million points of light. A cool breeze wafted through the darkness, carrying the scent of earth. Like an alarm clock going off, the perfume of life permeated the dark chamber. Peter's eyes opened within the casket.

Pushing open the lid, the moon's light filled the decaying room. He stretched, feeling the sluggishness of sleep fade. Peter looked at the display by the night stand and saw that it was March 20, 2017. Although it was the vernal equinox, spring had not arrived and a chill enveloped the room.

A small laugh escaped his lips. Damn! Today is my two-hundredth anniversary.

His mind went back to that fateful day when he was “reborn.” He had been walking near the harbor in Baltimore admiring the lights. The city was the first to have gas lights and they cast a glow over the city that could be seen for miles. “We have conquered darkness,” he remembered saying.

“But, not the darkness in men’s hearts,” he continued, spying a young woman standing under one of the new street lamps. She was comely in appearance and, to his thinking, definitely not out for an evening stroll by the way she brazenly looked at passersby. As he approached, he noted the way her breasts caught the light. “Such lovely wares,” he chuckled to himself, “should not go untasted.” It was only later that he realized who was really on the menu.

He winced as his joints creaked and groaned in the effort of his rising. "If only the truth were known," he muttered. "Yes, we live forever but with many of the weaknesses of mortals."

"And such sunburns we get!" He became aware that he was talking to himself and shook his head as a gurgling chuckle caused him to break into a fit of coughing.

Those few who still lived – if such was the correct word - only fed once each year. The covenant, agreed to over the centuries, also required the permission of both parties, although, “permission” was a very loosely applied term. Peter grinned. "Tonight's my night for a celebration. It's my Rebirth Day!"

Peter hobbled to the refrigerator and pulled out a bag of plasma. It would give him the needed boost he required. "Vampire Viagra," he chortled.

Taking off into the night, the scent of someone young and female was like a blazing trail that he followed, ending in a park area.

Lisa sat there lost in thought. She had broken up with her boyfriend earlier in day and was angry! "I'll show that sucker," she muttered.

"Sucker?" came a questioning voice.

She turned, ready to pounce, and was immediately captivated by a young man standing there. All thoughts of anyone else left her mind. He beckoned and she came willingly.

“You seem disturbed, my dear. Perhaps I can help?” He seemed genuinely concerned for her. “I think, perhaps, you need a … lifting of your spirits,” he said.

Lisa was captivated by his smile and his seemingly gentle nature. She didn’t believe in love at first sight but found herself struggling with emotions that seemed to overwhelm her. Love or lust? What the hell ... She gave into her moment of need.

Magnetically, she was drawn to him and, as she came into his offered embrace, wondered about his unique aftershave which she found both attractive and repelling at the same time. There is such an … earthiness to it, crossed her mind but didn’t find purchase.

“Tell me that you want me,” he whispered, “for only then can I offer you what you seek.”

In response, she reached around him, squeezing his backside and pushing herself into his taut trousers. “I would love to spend the night with you,” she growled.

Peter raised an eyebrow. “My nights are rather long.”

“The longer the better,” she laughed, rubbing his tumescence.

“Oh my, I do love you modern women!”

Lisa had no doubts where this was heading and, as Peter lowered his lips and began to slide toward her neck, caution overwhelmed her. "Wait," she hoarsely whispered, "do you have protection?"

"Of course, my dear. I've had my teeth capped..."

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An entry for the March round of "Invalid Item
Prompt: Think Twilight - You, a man or a woman, is in love with a vampire. Would you allow him/her to turn you so you can be together forever?
Genre: Supernatural/Romance
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Word Count: 697
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