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Chapter two: The Sleuth
Chapter one: "Pygmalion, a serial killer's weblog (1) [18+]

Chapter two: The Sleuth

Bracken Malham always wanted to be a sleuth. She dreamed of a life as a detective, a private eye with her own office, business cards with her name on it, and a list of satisfied clients. She wanted to be the best in seeking out adulterers, homicides, and missing persons. But she was only 18 years old and in her first year of University, so she had a long way to go before she could fulfill her ambition and start her own little shop.

But when, by accident, she read this strange message on a website of a sculptor who wanted to kill to make a statue, she was intrigued. For some reason, she thought it was genuine and not a fake story from someone with merely a twisted fantasy. Could this artist truly be a would-be killer? She made the site her favorite and looked every day for a week for updates from this Dirk B., obviously a pseudonym.

Just when she abandoned the whole idea of following this artist on the Internet there was again a message on his blog.

“I’ve given it a considerable amount of thought. Killing for Art’s sake is new to me, new and exciting. I am going ahead with my project. I have met three women and they are just wonderful. They fit the bill perfectly. Blond, brunette, and a redhead, different ages above 60, and ready to fall for me. Killing them would hardly be a problem!

Look for the news on missing persons in the state of Texas. You’ll know it when you see it.
Dirk B.”

The first blog had been viewed 51 times. This second blog was only online for half an hour so Bracken was the first to see it. She felt a rush when she read it over and over again. He appeared indeed to be that same would-be killer.

Then and there she decided to follow this man online and try to stop him before he could practice what he preached. She would not inform the police because she didn’t think they would believe her anyway.

This was the real thing, she was sure of it. And she had chosen her first case to investigate.

I am your adversary, Dirk B. I am going to stop you. Those three women are not going to die. You better believe it! She thought with a determined look on her young face.

In the next few days, she did research on sculptors, missing persons in Texas, and IP addresses on the Internet. Dirk B. was no rookie; he had a system in place where it was impossible to track down his address or location. She figured as much. This was a man that didn’t want to be found.

But she was a woman on a mission. She was!

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