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by Jinx
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I want to go to Never Never Land
But I have no Peter Pan

I'll just take my dragon
Kick Jack down some bean stalk

Knocked down a pigs house
Put the thorn in the Lions paw

Dragon ate the bread scrums Hansel and Gretal left
Helped the wolf nab Little Red

Kicked Alice down the hole
Put the Sword in the stone

I want to live happily ever after
But there is no Prince Charming in my tale

So I'll just give Snow White this apple
I'll Lead Pinocchio to the carnival

I'll be the first to make fun of the Black sheep
I'll lead Mary's lamb into the lost

Don't get me wrong
I love you all

But all is lost
All is gone

A story must have a beginning
I watch them all end

My carefree world
has never been apart or yours

I see no end to my tale
So I'll just work my way back to Never Never Land

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