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HM in Shadows and Light Contest - June- Free Verse Poetry for Contest
Line count: 30

The Beginning

I ran across the flower-covered field,
toward the cliff,
my hair blowing in the slight breeze.
I held my arms outstretched
to catch the sun as I twirled
to take in the world around me.
I giggled to let my inside world out
to let it float away on the wind.

I stopped and held my breath
when I saw you at the cliff's rim.
I wanted to shout but was afraid,
you stood so close to the edge.
I padded toward you,
drawn by an invisible rope.
I asked if you knew it was a beautiful day,
but you gave no answer.
I asked if you wanted a friend,
and you turned your head toward me.
I saw the tear trails
which still held telltale moisture,
glisten in the rising sun.

I offered my hand,
praying to anyone you would take it.
I smiled when you reached for it,
shaking with hesitation.
I pulled you toward me,
wrapping my arms around you.
I still remember that day,
even though we have been married
for twenty-five years.
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