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18 Things that babies might say to other babies if they could talk.
If Babies Could Talk (Bully Babies)

1: "I'm gonna steal your pacifier and toss it in the mud."

2: "You're so dumb that you won't be able to walk till your ten."

3: "I double dog dare you to sleep with the lights turned off."

4: "You don't need that rattle cause your brain is full of beans."

5: "I had a dream that your cat's gonna smother you in your crib."

6: "I heard your mom never gives you a bath and I believe it!"

7: "1.2 billion sperm cells and you had to be the idiot to make it."

8: "I heard your folks say they're putting you up for adoption."

9: "Is that your head or are you wearing a beach ball on your neck?"

10: "Best get used to that walker cause you'll need one forever!"

11: "When you're not looking I'm gonna put Ex-lax in your applesauce."

12: "Ha ha ha, what size are those diapers, EL GRANDE?"

13: "Whoa, who did the botched circumcision? It looks like a two headed snake!"

14: "Your mama has a big hairy mustache."

15: "I heard they're gonna baptize you in acid."

16: "Did you know your babysitter is a psycho serial killer?"

17: "Dude, you better call Hair Plugs for Men cause you're bald!"

18: "Your breath smells just like my diaper."

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