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The continued and persistent pleas of a rather sad and lonely lump.
The Persistent Plea

IF only I would write some lines
some words so wise
they change the times
some words so wanted!
So welcomed!
So received..
That the loss of what I utter
might be greatly grieved!

IF only!
I might cease the chatter
My unrelenting blibber blabber
In my mind the words they form!!
I have to speak..
I swear it, I'll leak!

Oh yes! I do personify
a tiny tit
a slightly slight guy

and IF ONLY by a trifling jabber
i might get some attention!?
If only by my incessant yabber
you might excuse
my minute condition

Now I believe, it appears..
that it is true
That I might
It seems
to be getting through
although we're at a distance
and i rant from afar
i see that in this instance
It's better where we are

and it seems, it appears!
Yes it's quite obviously true
That your seeing me better
Not sitting with you.

So if only by
said communication
and some irrational cries
from this aberration
it might
I think
be helping YOU
i think its helped me
a little bit to..

This persistent plea
will go on
for i haven't heard from you
for so long..
So ill plead, ill wait, Ill simply agolonize
until you speak
and my loneliness
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