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Seasonal Transformation using Vahid poetry form
crocus peek above the snow
lavender blossoms
perfume the air
oak limbs bud

grasses grow
above septic tanks
in chicken pens
sit on clutches of eggs

roosters crow
waking farmers
reminding them
that fields need plowing
crops planted

Line Count: 14

Form: Vahid - this form is based on the 19 year cycle of the Baha'i Calender. Vahid means unity and has a numerical value of 19. Each stanza in a vahid consists of 19 syllables. A vahid can have anywhere from 1 to 19 stanzas with each stanza having 19 syllables, but without any specific line count in the stanza. There is no required rhyme scheme so poets can use rhyme as they wish. The poem must focus on a specific theme or subject which usually makes up part of the title. It isn't required that the subject or theme be mentioned in the poem itself; however, all stanzas must suggest something about the theme or subject. Punctuation and capitalization is left up to the poet.

Author's Note: This is the closest I've came to perfecting or explaining this particular form.

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