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Realization of the Significance Of Being changes everything
Somewhere along our Journey on earth there is a moment in time that significance of being becomes a realization like it never was before. From that moment on, every moment going forward and every moment in the past will hold a different level of understanding.

Life is like a mosaic piece of artwork. The finished piece is beautiful and we appreciate its beauty at a quick glance, however the true beauty is in the ability of the artist to place many fragmented pieces, otherwise unremarkable on their own, into a completed masterpiece.

Much like Prayer and Meditation when a major life change forces us to stop and dwell in the moment, it is then that we start to realize that each ugly fragment in our life is a very important part of a beautiful completed masterpiece.

My thoughts, memories and conversations were drawn several times this week to amazing ways Divine enlightenment finds us through the connection of spiritual souls.

I am forever amazed at how many times God has introduced a new person into my life who holds a tiny piece of wisdom that was the puzzle piece I needed to comfort a worry I was experiencing.

When we stop trying to control our lives and the people around us, and we stop, pray, listen for, and follow God’s direction He will introduce us to spiritual beings who hold Wisdom that we need to continue on our journey. The Mosaic of a Spiritual Soul’s Journey on Earth contains many beautiful fragmented encounters with other Spiritual teachers. Every spiritual teacher is also a continual student as well.

Divine Wisdom flows through each spiritual being who allows their heart light to shine.

The song People Who Need People kept coming to mind this week. “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world” How fortunate we are that God sends his infinite Wisdom through our hearts and lives and connects us all with Spiritual encounters of Divine Love.

Always keep your heart and mind open for Divine Wisdom. The message we are searching for will arrive possibly from a passing encounter with a stranger or a well know friend, we can never be sure.

Open your heart to both Receiving and Giving Divine Love to all people. Realization of significance of being brings both Peace and Joy to each moment in life.

With Respect Hope Joy and Love, Carmela
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