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by Jacky
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Two Lunches

"I heard a sigh, and then; 'I just don’t get it.'"

"I could have been scared, but it was more like in a dream when something impossible happens, you know, and you just go with the flow. So, I said What?”

“I’m a Trumpet Vine.”

“So? I said, now honing in on a vine growing up the nearby tree. It was the only vine around."

“So, where’s my trumpet?”

“I don’t know, I said, but if you had one how would you blow it anyway? You’re a vine.”

“I could blow a trumpet! Of course, I could! What exactly is ‘blow’?”

“It’s when you make air come out of your mouth, do you have a mouth?”

“What’s a mouth?”

“How are you talking to me? I asked."

“I don’t know, I’m a vine!” it said.

“Good point. But if you don’t know what a trumpet is, how do you know you don’t have one...”

“Well, do I?”

“I think maybe they call you that because your flowers are shaped like trumpets, so really you have lots of trumpets.”

“Oh, thank you!”

“So, you see, I said to Dr. White, I could be a therapist too. And he said, 'I’ll be sure to bring it up at the next board meeting.' So probably by next week I’ll be working here.”

“'And that’s why I’m supposed to give you another lunch?' Delia said, and she sounded really nervous."

“Well, I will be working here..." I told her.

“'OK,' Delia said, 'I’ll give you a second lunch, and how about you give me back my kitchen knife so I can cut your sandwich?'”

“And that’s how I got two lunches! Darren!"

Darren rolled his eyes.
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