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Sharing what I wrote a little over 4 years ago from today's date (April 25, 2017)

As at least some of you know, I started becoming active again at WDC this past December after almost four years of inactivity due to not having access to a computer on a regular basis long enough to keep up with everything -- with this coupled with a hacking of my online presence that made it impossible to log into several sites for awhile and not being able to afford the membership level that I had been at before all of this had started happening.

I was
VERY pleasantly surprised to find out that, even though several of my items no longer were showing when I returned initially with a free membership, they weren't gone forever. Once I paid my membership dues, everything was restored!!!

This meant that The StoryMaster , The StoryMistress , and the rest of the Writing.Com Staff had been keeping everything in place for me in hopes that I would be returning at a later time -- which made me feel very cared about.

And, during the time that I was away, I still would receive neat, little gifts from them on special occasions such as my WDC birthday.

Anyway, one thing that I've been doing is to get back into the swing of things -- with part of that being to make one of my blogs private and share parts of it from time to time just as I'm doing now...

January 12, 2013:
If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?

Once you experience life, you never want it to end!

I can't even imagine a time where I would simply cease to exist.

When the souls of friends, loved ones, and others whom we might not know personally but have heard of leave these temporary vessels known as bodies to find out what God has in store for them next, it's hard enough to say “Goodbye!” even while knowing by faith that this parting isn't permanent and we'll be reunited someday. It would be total agony to believe that this would be the last time that I would ever see them EVER.

There are people out there who are atheists. No matter how proudly they might proclaim this and how they might say that it would be boring to live and never die, I believe that they're just like the fox who couldn't get to the grapes and, then, said, “Oh well! They were probably sour anyway...”

I believe that even the most extreme atheist would rejoice if given a key to unlock the door that is keeping him/her in a state of disbelief.

Just think: I haven't even explored all of this planet yet, and I certainly haven't ventured out into the solar system. There's no manmade transportation with the ability to take me to all of the planets, and I don't have wings to fly there.

Beyond my own solar system, there are other solar systems to explore—and the universe is infinite!

Where is Heaven? Is it an actual place or a state of mind that makes anywhere you happen to be Heaven?

I cherish the times I have with my mom. She's 90 now, and, last October, I almost ended up saying that long goodbye to her. I pray that she will be one of the ones who will hang around for at least long enough to turn 100 years old. She's a tough old bird, so it's realistic for me to think along those lines. Yet, I know that she also has various health problems, so God's answer to my prayer that she'll get the chance to have three digits in her age might end up being “No,” though I still keep this as one of my top prayers.

I have some health problems, too, so there's a chance that she might end up surviving me, but I hope I don't end up putting her through that, as it isn't natural for a parent to survive a child, though it happens more times than we want to think about.

The following people/groups of people have all had different ways of and/or reasons for experiencing untimely deaths:

Amelia Earhart

Anne Frank

Ted Bundy

The First-Graders At Sandy Hook Elementary School

Ryan White

Michael Jackson


Terri Schindler Schiavo

Joe, Kathleen, Jack, and Bobby Kennedy

Uncle Eli, Uncle Donald, and Aunt Ruby

Janis Babson

Tim McVeigh

The Kids In The Daycare Center Of The Oklahoma City Building


but they all had this one thing in common: at the time of their deaths, they had at least one surviving parent.

But one thing I'll always remember about my mom was how we loved to look at the moon from the time that I was very little.

When both of us have crossed over and reunited, we'll have the chance to walk on the moon together and won't even need to put on space suits to do it! And we'd still have the option of being able to look at the moon from the vantage point we've used here in this temporary part of our eternal life.

We'll be with our husband and dad again and could do this as The Three Bears!

Mary, the mother of Jesus, might have had three days of knowing what it was like to be a parent surviving the death of her firstborn son, but she was given a special kind of joy in experiencing His coming back to life again in such a short time.

When Jesus rose from the grave on that very first Easter Morning, He not only gave his mom (along with other friends and relatives) the personal joy of a sweet—though temporary—reunion, but He also sent the message to the whole world that the grave wasn't the end!

There will come a time when we will graduate from this life, and--instead of simply ceasing to exist—we will still be full of life with a level of joy and unconditional love that is beyond our fondest dreams!

We'll actually know what it's like to be face-to-face with Jesus!!!

I wouldn't miss this for anything!!!

Living forever is the only thing I can imagine!!!

The desire for this is so strong within every soul (even within those souls who try to repress it, as it seems too good to be true to them) that it can't be anything but the truth!!!

One bit of advice: Even while anticipating with faith stepping into the next dimension of life that awaits me beyond the valley of the shadow of death, you won't find me in any big hurry to leave this dimension of life.

The time spent here is part of God's gift of eternal life to me, and I don't want to miss a moment of it!!!

You definitely won't find me committing suicide should life seem to be unbearable at some point in the future, and my request for medical care is full code. When God's good and ready for me, He can very easily overcome the actions of a respirator and take me, so nobody needs to pull the plug on me in order to hurry up the process—and this foodie definitely does NOT want to be deprived of food and fluids just so long as there's a way to get them into my body.

What I've just written above is my Living Will.

While I'm at it, I want to make people aware of my wishes for the disposal of my earthly remains.

I'm a full-body donor. Take my body after I'm gone and take from it whatever is needed for organ transplants, skin graphs, bones, bone marrow, etc. Use anything else for research to help others. What you can't use, please cremate and send back to my survivors to lay to rest (divided in thirds) in three places:

buried in the Cunot Cemetery in Cunot, Indiana right beside the graves of my mom and dad

scattered in this area of Mammoth Cave called The Methodist Church where etchings not created by mere humans portray the face of Jesus seen straight forward from the walkway and an angel hovering over a natural formation that served as a pulpit when this area of the cave was used for church services.

scattered into Lake Michigan from the shores of Kemil Beach at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

I haven't designed my tombstone yet, but I do know at least one thing that I want on it—and, no, it isn't pepperoni! LOL

This excerpt of a favorite poem by Robert Frost:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. ”

There's so much more I can say about this, but I'm going to finish this message after sharing a few more thoughts...

Take another look at that list of people who were survived by at least one of their parents and focus on two names:

Terri Schindler Schiavo and Janis Babson

Although I met neither of them during their too-short earthly lives, at least a couple of things I've mentioned in this blog-entry were influenced by them.

To find out more about them and the others in the list (besides my own aunt and uncles), you can do Google searches.

It was through learning Terri's story that I've come to the understanding that I'd better have my wishes down in writing (as I've done here) so there can be no dispute over what I want.

Janis Babson would have been 63 this coming September, but she ended up losing her courageous battle with leukemia during the spring of 1961 and never made it to her eleventh birthday.

I lived (as I do now) on a farm just south of Anderson, Indiana, and she lived in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario called City View, so our paths had never crossed until I read her story in an issue of Reader's Digest back in the late spring of 1962.

Even before Janis got sick, she had already made up her mind about something after watching a documentary about being an eye donor. She wanted to donate her eyes so that two more people who were blind would be able to see.

This especially appealed to me, as my aunt had been born blind. Sadly, I found out that the eye donation was only good for replacing corneas—which didn't apply to my aunt, as she had retinitis pigmentosa—but I hoped that, someday, they would be able to find something that would work for her.

But a child who was right around the age that I was when I read her story had been able to help two blind people—people just as blind as Aunt Kate but for different reasons—to be able to see.

It was, at that point that I decided that I also wanted to donate my eyes after I passed away.

Over the years as I've learned of more organs, etc. needed for transplants, grafts, etc., my list of parts of me to donate has increased until it has gotten to the place where it now is.

And it all started with learning the beautiful story of one very special little girl—which shows that you don't have to be an adult in order to make positive changes that change the world a person at a time!

Learning about leukemia from her story also gave me the desire to donate to research to find a cure for leukemia using five dollars I had saved up.

Of course, I needed to have a checking account in order to do this, so my dad helped me to open one at First National Bank Of Madison County at their Southdale Plaza Shopping Center branch. This first bank account and I have had quite a history together through both the easiest times, the hardest times, and those times in-between. For several years now, First National Bank Of Madison County has been part of Star Financial Bank. This year (come summer) will be 50 years since I began doing business with this bank. That will be a very long time!

This will also mean that it will also (come summer) be 50 years since my folks and I made meeting Janis' family and putting flowers on her grave part of our family vacation.

One little girl with not quite a fifth grade education who lived in an Ottawa neighborhood ended up making a very positive difference in the world!

These days, while childhood leukemia isn't by any means no more serious than getting a cold, things have come a long way, as being told that your child has leukemia is no longer an automatic death sentence.

I know that I contributed five dollars towards this goal back in 1963 with the very first check I ever wrote—and I don't believe by any stretch of the imagination that I was the only one to contribute towards this goal after reading Janis' story and being moved, nor do I believe that I was the only one who decided to donate my eyes (and, as the years went by, other organs, etc.) after reading the same.

One little girl whose visit to this dimension of life didn't even last eleven years made a difference far beyond what she could ever imagine making!

One grieving family who laid their precious daughter to rest never imagined at the time that Janis' story would be spread so far—starting with one or two writers who were inspired to tell her story to the world!

I love my life and love being a writer! I love being able to teach a world with my words!

Someday, it will be time for me to move on to the next dimension. I don't even know if I'll be writing by that time. Perhaps, my life will have changed to where it might seem as if nobody is even home in my body anymore—but I have a feeling that, just so long as there's breath in my body, I'll, likely, be at home in some way that I can't express to others, but I'll still be observing my surroundings and thinking over my life in preparation for my crossing of the bar.

It's been written that, when a person passes away, it's like that person gets on a ship, and the people on the shore watch that ship sailing towards a distant horizon until they can no longer see it. They will then say, “She's gone...” Meanwhile on another shore, people will be looking out onto the horizon until they begin to see the ship heading their way, and they will exclaim, “Here she comes!!!”

It's been said that the song by Elton John called Daniel is one of the most misinterpreted songs ever written and that its original purpose was to be about a disillusioned Vietnam veteran who was hailed a hero but that he just wanted to go back to the family farm and get on with his life.

For some reason, I don't really see that meaning in the song, but I do remember that I remember how this one passage jumped right out at me the first time I heard it:

“Your eyes have died, but you see more than I!”

This passage, of course, reminded me of Aunt Kate, because, even after she became totally blind, she seemed to have a very special sense of sight.

At the time that I was born and for many years after, she could still see some form of shadows but couldn't make them out unless the sun shone on them a certain way, and, even then, her view was very limited.

At least thirty years before she passed on at the age of 81 (August 13, 2010), she had become totally blind.

Even then, she still had this very special sense of sight.

Her eyes had died but she saw so well that it might be easy to wonder whether she was just pretending to be blind and was actually viewing everything around her just the way that the rest of us were doing—but, of course, tests done on her eyes would prove otherwise re: this being the case.

In time (after studying the lyrics of Daniel to get the whole story—or so I thought), I came to believe that the song was about death of the body and the releasing of the soul (another way of sending a similar message to that found in the song Paloma Blanca).

The heart-opening line that said:

“You're a star in the face of the sky!”

meant (to me) that Daniel was now in Heaven and that, while his brother missed him, he drew comfort from this thought.

There have been many times when I've had my own version of a near-death-experience and/or visitation in the form of dreams.

In these dreams, I'm going about my life with people who have passed on many years ago—only, in my dreams, I'm not thinking of them as having passed on. It seems very normal to me to be doing things with them, and it's just as if they've never passed on.

There are things that just seem very normal to me when I'm having the dream—but, after I wake up and remember the dream, I can remember certain things about the experience with the main thing being that, in nearly 100% of the dreams, older people who have been in failing health at the times of their passing have always appeared to be a good 20 years younger and in great health.

With Aunt Kate, there's one thing more: In all of the dreams in which she appears, she's sighted!!!

During the dreams, themselves, this seems so natural to me that I don't even find it to be amazing. It's just the way things are.

There will never ever be a time when I become tired of living, so I never ever want to cease to exist. I just want to keep on living a full life (whatever that happens to mean to me during the different stages of my life here) until my spirit takes flight from my body and travels to the next dimension. After that, I'll be as free as the white bird and will be ready to live my new and even more exciting adventure!

In Other News:

Here are some of my goals for today:

First: Getting entries in both (THIS BLOG HAS NOW BEEN SET TO PRIVATE) (which is now joined to "Invalid Item) and "Catharsis: Writing to Survive! (which was created especially for "Catharsis: Writing to Survive!) finished early so that I won't be posting them at the last minute or so before the deadline or not at all. At this point in time, I'm (obviously) halfway done with this goal.

Second: Completing and turning in the information I'm putting together to get some medical treatment made available and affordable for my mom—especially, in the case of her teeth, gums, and the rest of her mouth that need immediate attention. These areas have needed attention for a long time, but the problem has been the lack of funding. Now that she's in the nursing home, we have a better chance of getting this taken care of quickly before things deteriorate further.

Third: Catching up with some of my reading and reviewing/commenting both here at WDC and at other writing/social sites.

Fourth: Updating and promoting various other blogs.

Fifth: Doing various things that will better draw attention to some of the ways that I can earn money online.

Sixth: Continuing the construction of presentations that will promote various friends and their talents

Seventh: Engaging in and promoting various areas of my social activism.

While doing all of this, still, somehow, managing to receive proper rest and nourishment.

I think that says a mouthful or so. . .and, on this note, I'll sign off...

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