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These were posted on line
The following is a copy of the original message from Anonymous to Victor Martinez regarding statements made by other US Military personnel regarding Project Serpo, Crystal Knight and Bishop. Any text surrounded by brackets is commentary by Victor Martinez.
To help further reinforce the credibility of "Project SERPO," my group
and I -- the DIA-6 -- have gathered some brief, but powerful
testimonials from various USM people involved with "Project SERPO."
Here are some of those testimonials; as always, we ask that you cut, copy & paste the material to mask the origin for all of these e-mails
especially the ones sent directly to you. Thanks for your help.
{Testimonials of individual are designated by Roman Numerals and are, of course, anonymous. –Larry Dicken, The Jerry Pippin Show} ------------------------------------------
"Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" was started in the early 1960s. This was part of the original U.S. Space Program, where U.S. military pilots were
selected for astronauts. But the military program was classified "Top Secret" because their program involved an exchange of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs).
The EBEs came from another planet. They called themselves "Ebens" and came from the planet SERPO in the Zeta Reticular Star System, 42 light years away [38.43 light years away]. The Ebens first came to Earth about
2,000 years ago and were involved in the genetic examination of Earth humans.
[Alien bio-genetic engineering to create present day homo sapien sapiens? READ supplementary material appended at end.]
The Ebens then left and returned in the early '40s, setting up a base
in northern New Mexico. In 1947, two of their spacecrafts crashed in southern New Mexico. We discovered them and began a relationship with the Ebens.
"Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" was a program that exchanged 12 American astronauts with three (3) Ebens. Our astronauts left on an Eben spacecraft and traveled to the planet SERPO for 12 years, returning in 1978.
We are reading about this program in these [segmened DIA] releases. I was involved in the later program which came after 1978. We had an additional exchange program set up, under "Project BISHOP," but President Reagan cancelled the project in 1985. ------------------------------------------
II –
I was involved in "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" from about 1960 until 1965. I was assigned as a civilian to this project. I was a CIA employee, with a specialty of survival in a foreign environment. I was a training instructor at the CIA training camp in Virginia. I
trained the 12 men -- NO women -- who went on this mission.
They spent about eight (8) months at our training facility. Few knew their exact mission, which was classified "Top Secret/Codeword." I had no other involvement with this mission after 1965. I was VERY surprised to hear this story come to light now after all these years. ------------------------------------------
I was involved with this program years ago. I was an Air Force Captain assigned to a training element at Tyndall Air Base Florida. We trained these 12 in astronaut procedures. We didn't really know their final mission, but we did know they were going into space.
I didn't realize their fate until they returned. I read the classified report and first thought it was a work of fiction. But as I read the report, I realized these 12 men went to another planet, lived among aliens and returned. Four (4) died and eight (8) returned.
------------------------------------------ IV –
The "Project SERPO" information that I just read is NOT totally correct. There were two (2) women in the original 16 selected for training. I helped train the team, including the two (2) women.
But after the final selection process -- which did not involve any combat training like what was mentioned on the Web site,
-- the two women were DROPPED from the list. During the training, the Team Members didn't know their actual assignment. When the final cut was made, the 12 selected were sent to a military prison and then told of the assignment. The 12 were isolated from that point on.
The 12 were removed from the payroll of the government and placed in a special file within the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA]. The DIA was the controlling agency in "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" which was the name of
the operation. ------------------------------------------
To comprehend the matter involving "Project SERPO," one must understand the complexity of the United States Government. "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" pertained to the training and relocation of 12 brave United
States Military Men to a foreign alien planet, 42 light years from
Earth. I was one (1) person in charge of a final phase of
training. I was one person who KNEW the operation. I was one person who KNEW the names of those involved.
However, I never knew the names of the 12 men sent on that special long distance mission. The names were classified. The 12 had numbers, three-digit numbers. But all of the training instructors, mission
directors and project managers used their REAL NAMES. I would believe that most of the older personnel involved in this project are
dead. But some of us are still alive. I was shocked and outraged when I
first heard about the release.
This MUST be a Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] programmed release. I cannot believe that the DIA would allow someone to release this sensitive, highly classified operation without the proper approval.
This must be a segmented release project fully controlled by the
DIA. Why? I wouldn't even wish to begin to guess the reason.
I am awaiting further release of the photographs, which I know exists because I SAW THEM. There are sixteen (16) books of photographs retrieved from the Team Members who returned. Only eight (8) men returned. Two (2) died on the planet and two (2) remained for some unknown reason. Those two did not wish to return to Earth. But the returning crew brought back THOUSANDS OF PHOTOGRAPHS.
VI –
A friend told me about a Web site that tells a story of 12 men and women
going on a space journey to an alien planet about 40 light years away from Earth. Since I am a retired Air Force Major, my friend asked me
if I ever heard of such a story. I told my friend the entire story was just a story with no truth. BUT I knew of such a story because I WAS A KEY OFFICIAL IN THIS STORY.
In 1954 while assigned to Briggs Air Base Texas, I was a young lieutenant in the communications squadron. Six (6) of us went TDY to Holloman to check out a piece of equipment that was made by a contractor, as we were told. Well, the equipment was nothing like I
had ever seen, nor had the Master Sergeant -- assigned to the team and who had been in the AF for twice the time I was in -- ever saw anything like that.
It looked like a present day computer with a satellite dish attached to the side. It had a large connecting port for some type of connector that no one was familiar with. The keyboard had strange symbols. I first thought it was Chinese. But was told it wasn't. I couldn't
figure out why a contractor would make such a piece of equipment that no
one could understand. Maybe it was a test or something. Well, we
all failed the test because we couldn't figure out what it was.
Then three (3) of us -- the master sergeant, a technical sergeant and myself -- were chosen for a special team that would try to figure out this equipment. All toll, there were 15 of us on this special communication team. We spent about four (4) years total on this project. We managed to get the thing working with the assistance of another box that was attached to this communication thing.
About 11 months into this project, we all figured out this thing came from another planet. When we asked the senior officials, they said, yes, it came from Mars. Pretty shocking to us that we had life on
Mars. But towards the end of my involvement in this project, I was
told it came from a crashed space alien ship that was found in New Mexico. I asked how they knew it came from Mars and they told me it wasn't Mars, but some other planet, many light years away from Earth.
We managed to communicate with these aliens and we even sent them signals using some language found in this spaceship. In 1964, I left
the program and never knew what happened after that. Now I know. I'm happy [to learn] that our team effort really made a difference. ------------------------------------------
My father died in 1995. He was retired from the U.S. Air Force. In 1990, he told me a story about a special mission that he
was involved in back in 1965. He told me that this mission was about 12 military astronauts that went to another planet in a spaceship that was found in the New Mexico desert.
He said the 12 men were trained at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, where he was stationed. He helped train the 12 in space endurance, which he was trained to do. He said the 12 left in 1965 and came back in 1978 and he was there to check them [out] after they returned to this
planet, Earth. I didn't know what to think about my dad's story.
Back then, I just listened to him and thought maybe he was just making this up. But now, I realise he was telling the TRUTH. It is too late
for my father to know about this, but I know my father was being truthful to me and that makes me feel good. I look forward to reading more about this incredible story.
------------------------------------------ VIII –
Having been involved with the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] for 35 years, I am well aware that THIS PROJECT IS REAL. Whether the actual released information from this "ANONYMOUS" character is correct is another story.
I don't recall the exact details of the debriefing, but I know there were thousand of hours of audio recordings done on the old-style military voice recording tapes. To the best of my knowledge, those tapes are locked up in a secure vault within DIA headquarters at Bolling
Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.
I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY this information is being released NOW. I caution ALL involved that this might be some "rogue" DIA
warrior that is trying to embarrass the DIA. ------------------------------------------
IX –
I am a retired Army Colonel. I was stationed at the Defense Language Institute (DLA) in the early '50s. My specialty was languages. I spoke five (5) different languages.
I was sent on a temporary duty assignment to the Special
Intelligence Center Ft. Belvoir, Maryland in 1964. When I arrived,
I was given a dictaphone recording of a language. I listened to
that language and realized it was something I had never heard before.
It didn't sound like a language, but more like pitches and tones
created by some device. I was later told this language was an alien language and that I, along with others, would have to somehow translate it.
Our team (18 language specialists) worked on this for six (6) months but
couldn't crack it. I then learned of a special operation mission of
12 astronauts to an alien planet. The 12 had to learn this language, but
it was almost impossible for us to teach a language like this. We
never did learn a single word and to the best of my knowledge, neither did the astronauts.
I was assigned to Holloman AFB in 1963 to 1966. I remember the famous UFO landing incident. I was an Air Policeman assigned to the landing location, not at Holloman AFB, but at White Sands.
I SAW the actual landing of the space ship. I SAW the aliens get off the spaceship. I SAW the military colonels meet with the aliens. A friend of mine who was also an AP, was assigned to guard a bus of 12 people. These 12 were to have gotten on the ship, but for some reason THEY DIDN'T GO. We were sworn to keep our mouths shut. We had to sign a security statement saying that if we violated it, we would be sent to Ft. Leavenworth for life without a trial.
I got out of the U.S. Air Force in 1968 after serving in Vietnam. I guess after 38 years [1968 + 38 = 2006], I feel safe talking about this. I knew most of
the 26 Air Force policeman at the landing site and most have died. But I
know of six (6), including me, who are still living and know the real story of the landing. Reading this stuff about Project SERPO puts it
all together for me now. XI –
The SERPO Project was REAL but the story line is NOT. One must carefully consider the source, who won't identify him or herself. Why would someone release this information now? It wouldn't be difficult for someone employed by the DIA to learn of this past project.
But it would be ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE INFORMATION. I believe that someone got a hold of the basic project information and
------------------------------------------ XII –
MOST of this stuff is the TRUTH, but the details may be a little exagerrated. I wouldn't believe all of it. Sounds like some type of disinformation program to me. The basic program called "Project
CRYSTAL KNIGHT" was right, but it involved just 12 men [NO women], who were part of the astronaut program, nothing more or nothing special. ------------------------------------------
MOST of the released information is TRUTHFUL. I never saw, nor read the diary. Maybe the diary contains information from various Team Members, rather than just the Team Commander.
The final report is contained in a document entitled, "QW." The title
was classified. The document number is: #80-0398154. Maybe someone should request a Freedom of Information Release [Act] on that.
MODERATOR's NOTE: This conflicts with the original information provided by ANONYMOUS; The complete debriefing is contained in: "Project SERPO," Final Report-80HQD893-020, Classified T/S, Codeword.
[ Yes, and 331 inquiring minds who want to know have already done just that and received a, "We're still looking for your requested documents, but with no success. Try back another day," letter! ] ------------------------------------------
Somebody better go back and dig up the original stuff, Air Force Document:
QW-1980-03-98154. ------------------------------------------ XV –
I cannot believe our government has let THIS information out! What idiots! This stuff was supposed to be used to further our
technology. The "Project SERPO" people gave us HUNDREDS of gadgets. We just haven't figured them all out yet. Now everyone and their uncle will be snooping into all the secret stuff.
[ Will wonders never cease! ] ------------------------------------------ XVI –
The program was started in 1956. The program was in the Pentagon's "Office of Special Missions." The Commander of the Office was Brigadier Gen Wilbur Abrams, U.S. Army. To the best of my knowledge, there were two (2) females involved in the first team. ------------------------------------------
I was involved in the original program. It started in 1956 and ran
until 1964, when the visitors landed at White Sands. Somebody screwed up because our Team was ready to go, but the visitors didn't want to take them. What a screw up! But we made arrangements for the following year.
VICTOR / BILL: Right on, guys, PRETTY ACCURATE. However, I WOULDN'T want to be in your shoes once this gets to the White House!
[Yes, and thank you for your concern and kind words of comfort; I can tell that you "feel our pain." But better that Bill and myself handle
this DIA segmented release rather than the Burisch Kool-Aid drinking, Jonestown-like cult!]
------------------------------------------ XIX –
VICTOR: You guys are a bunch of idiots [on the UFO Thread List]. I smell a rat. Yeah, all this # is REAL, but the DETAILS ABOUT THE DIARY,... THAT STUFF IS ALL MADE UP.
We sent a Team, they stayed 12 years, five (5) months and then came back home. For that journey, the aliens gave us a craft and some nice artifacts. We left four (4) men on the planet SERPO and they are probably dead [by] now.
But you guys are making up the rest of this #!
[You got that right, Bubba: The Defense Intelligence Agency employs some
top-notch sci-fi writers!]
XX –
Someone is spreading a lot of bull#. Sounds like Victor Martinez
or somebody else is making up HALF of this stuff. The BASIC STORY IS FACTUAL, but the DETAILS are bull#. I worked on this Project from
about 1970 until 1980. The Team sent back signals, which were sent via the Eben communication device. Eben Number 2 or the second ambassador translated the messages since they were sent in the Eben language.
As for the DIARY stuff, I think SOMEONE IS MAKING THAT UP. MODERATOR's NOTE: The alien communications device(s) are located at: ° the Manzano Weapons Storage Area, Plant #3 on Kirtland AFB, NM;
° China Lake Naval Weapons Test Center, CA / Thomas "California Road Atlas & Driver's Guide," p. 192, grid C-2, Highways 395 x 178 (Inyokern Rd);
° Area 51's "Dreamland," NV
The "roundtrip" for a message sent to Planet SERPO is 22 days total from the time we send it until the time we receive a response. However, it's NOT 11 up and 11 back; our transmitting takes takes longer to them than their reply back to us.
[ Yep! I'm making it all up as I go along,... it's a true test of my creative writing skills! How am I doin' by the way?! ] ------------------------------------------
VICTOR / BILL: Be careful what you print, gentlemen. ALL of this material is HIGHLY CLASSIFIED.
[ I don't care! As taxpayers, we paid you clowns top $$$ for it, so now
we want to know HOW you spent our $$$ and WHAT you learned after you spent it! ]
I wouldn't be surprised if you DID get a midnight visit by someone from the FBI's "dirty tricks" department. All of your hard drive information will vanish....
[ And such a visit will only serve to VALIDATE "Project SERPO" as being REAL! Bring it on! ]
VICTOR: Cross me OFF your UFO mailing list! I don't want to wake up one night and find a bunch of FBI guys searching my house. You guys are REALLY asking for trouble snooping into this "Project SERPO."
It is all CLASSIFIED, brain dead people! DON'T go any further into this business or else you WILL be paid a visit. I DON'T want to be
involved in ANY part of this.
[ And that's WHY I have a criminal defense attorney on a $1,000 retainer,... SERIOUSLY! ]
I hope the FBI visits everyone on Victor's [UFO Thread List] list and seizes EVERYTHING they've got. All this information is CLASSIFIED,... gang!
[ If my list members are smart and savvy, they've retained high-powered legal counsel as I have! ]
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