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Prompt #1: Write an apocalyptic story from a bug or animal's point of view (remember, no children's stories allowed 2120027

As the world is today it wasn’t years ago. Before the slaughter and nuclear civil war people and animals enjoyed the beauty of nature, had plenty of nutritious food and crystal clear water. Now there is just me and my human friend who are here as far as we know. It is desolate and unforgiving where you do not make a mistake or it is your life and you will find yourself gone away as the rest have traveled. Not a very pleasant way to go because it takes days and sometimes weeks to succumb to the chemicals which were dispersed through out the world during the civil war of all times.

As equine go we are the most intelligent of all. It is not my purpose to brag but to share the facts only for educating you, who finally might read these sayings as written by my friend or heard my story as told by me in the equine language. Mules are able to do everything a horse is able to do and more. This is why my friend and i managed to survive this holocaust of evil and human fighting. My friend has unique talents and abilities. Some were learned in service to what used to be our country and others were learned through out life. My person fortunately was able to understand the equine language like the horse whisperer. I was able to understand and trust my friend implicitly. Together we made a formable team for survival that no other teams that we know of, were able to do. We sometimes were able to communicate without making a sound or amazingly at great distances. Often we were so in tune with each other we would act before realizing we were communicating. This saved us from utter destruction.

When the green existed before the war there was plenty of resources to go around, but the people who believed they were invincible and would live forever, did everything to confuse everyone so that nobody knew for certain what was true and what was false. Eventually this created chaos, distrust, and greed of which had never been seen or experienced in history. Humans began taking advantage of each other and then escalating this to theft and murderous activities. Soon the civil war broke out all over the place. Authority was scorned and often done away with being dispatched efficiently and speedily. Such were the days of the civil war.

We teamed up together long before these events and had enough time to learn from each other building trust, cunning, and many other beneficial knowledge and skills. Because of these events and knowing the territories very well it was easy for us to escape from danger usually without being seen and often with plenty of supplies. As it became harder to evade the skirmishes, and find food and supplies we decided to travel far and wide to assess the entire situation.

As battles raged all about and all manner of weaponry was used from simple homemade guns, knives, and other tools along with weapons of mass destruction. Such weapons as nuclear bombs, missiles, and powered conveyances for waging war against anyone who opposed the people who thought all kinds of untruths or just simply got in the way at the wrong place and time perpetuated this chaos. Often instead of humans helping each other they were focused on annihilating one another for no apparent reason except mistrust and power over someone else. We wanted to be as far away from these situations as possible. I was able to sense danger from humans and the environment well and my friend was able to defend and protect use with intelligent thinking and physical strength which was a result of training regularly. Between the two of use it was a simple matter of being in tune with each other and knowing what to do immediately for our best safety and escape plans.

Now that we were apparently the only living species on the planet after all the fires, battles, and discharging of many different and powerful weapons, the desolation seemed to be radiating outward and trying to drag us into it’s wake for destruction. We weren’t going to allow ourselves to be taken in and pummeled until we caved into desire for death rather than surviving. In order to survive we discovered that if we went very deep into the tunnels made for mining and continued to dig deeper it was possible for us to build caverns and rooms where we could stay until the holocaust and horrors of war had ceased and desisted. As time passed it became apparent that we would need to stay under ground for many months, so we gathered as much water, food, and other supplies as we could and proceeded in drop into the darkness of the mines. My friend got me down there by attaching a harness to the cable that drove the platform up and down as needed. As I swung hight above this dark and dank area my friend calmed me and I began to feel less fear. when I reached bottom my friend slid hand over hand while gripping with legs and feet down the huge and thick cable until appearing beside me. Finally released from the life saving harness we proceeded to venture deeper and deeper into the unknown. eventually we reached the deepest recesses and found our stashed belongings knowing it would be a very long time before we again saw daylight. What we would find when it was safe to emerge from our living grave we didn’t know.

As much time passed it became things were changing and perhaps we could consider testing the possibility of emerging from underground. Carefully we started to work our way towards the surface. When we finally were on firm ground again it was dark, fowl smelling and seemed to be forbidding and desolate even having evil sinister energies waiting to consume us, so we hastily raced far away from this area until it seemed more of a friendly nature. Smoldering remains of tools, weapons, and caucuses were scattered about as far as the eye could see. the green was no more being replaced by red, grey, and dismal colors such as would be of nightmarish hues that would give reality of the worse horror movie anyone could imagine.

No matter how far and wide we traversed there seemed to be no living being, plants, trees, or anything that was here which resembled the civilization we once knew. With no doubt we were the only living beings on this forbidding and dead planet. For as long as we could survive we were going to make the best of our situation. It was time to gather whatever we could find that would be to our benefit. Then we would take it below to our safe place.

When our work was done, we decided to explore a section of this caverns structure that we discovered only a few days ago. Cautiously we advanced and making sure our turches were plentiful we were content to spend considerable time and go a far distance to discover where this would lead. To our surprise we found an entrance that was blocked by a large bolder. Fortunately there was space enough for the two of us to manage to detour around the bolder to the right side and squeeze between the walls and bolder. when we reached what looked like a huge room we were surprised to fine we weren’t along.

Amazingly, there were noises, we could smell a scent that we were challenged to identify. As our vision cleared and we began to see more detail, it was apparent that there were other beings here. In fact there were so many it seemed we would be over run by them.

Horrors! Roaches the size of goose eggs had made their homes deep down where we had managed to survive. We were not the only beings alive on this planet after all.

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