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You don't have to gamble to lose your ass off, but in the end, you win a good lesson.
A winner's table but a loser's hand
is equal to a winner at a loser's table...
So keep a straight face, if you are able.

Stakes so high
you lose sight of what's stacked.
Life is like Black Jack
and that is a fact.

Gambling is wrong.
Peoples views are quite mixed;
With a flick of a card
Your prized possessions
all gone.

You know how to make
your children laugh and play,
Even though living is hard
You try the best way.

Hidden is evil's tricks,
to take away your kids;
in a game the government
has cheated and fixed.

We find too late , the rules are bent
about wicked minds of steel;
There is no forfeiting,
There is no new deal.

Last chance to win,
Last chance to fold;
My child is not some jack pot
They serve cold.
Go on in, right behind
door number NO!!!

Game stops Game starts
Like an animal circus
to display your art.
CPS plays out its part.
Too many rules never fair,
How can these people
that have no children,
know or care?

Too many hoops to jump through,
You are never good enough
no matter what you do.
It's a clever way to wear you out...
Godless, lawless corruption
Is what's it all about.

Must ask jump?
How high?
For my kids I'd do anything,
Yes, even die.

If you ask & expect an answer.
Don't even think the answer is yes...
Because really in the end.
NO, Never, Not ever
is all you hear.
So much for any hope.
Now bend over,
yes, over!!!
How else can we check
the crack of your ass...
With this microscope!

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