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Song lyrics I wrote today. Hopefully you enjoy.

(Verse 1)
1: Do I have your attention now?
2: Listen to me for a while
3: Give your hurting heart a rest
4: And let me try to make you smile
5: I know you think you’re a disgrace
6: When you're feeling oh so low
7: Wipe the tears off of your face
8: Because you really need to know

1: That you are prized
2: All it takes is just one look and you can
3: See it in my eyes
4: That you are a gleaming treasure

(Instrumental Chorus)

1: Look at the stars high in the sky
2: That’s where I’m going to lift you
3: Look at the world, so low and high
4: That’s what I’m going to gift you
5: I hold you up when you cant stand
6: And help you rest when you’ve gone too far
7: And I will take you by the hand
8: And show you what a treasure you are


2: Show you what a treasure you are
4: Show you what a treasure you are
6: Show you what a treasure you are
8: Show you what are what a treasure


1: I know that you feel like you're worthless
2: You know I feel the same things to
3: I know your life feels like circus
4: But I will take that ride with you
5: I know you have no hope for tomorrow
6: But I promise it will be alright
7: Empty your heart that’s filled with sorrow
8: Let it out on me tonight

1: Tell me anything you want to
2: Ask me anything you need
3: Cause I know what you have been through
4: I know the things that have made you bleed
5: But I’ll do anything to heal you
6: Anything to stop the tears
7: No matter what card your life deals you
8: I’ll protect you from all your fears

(instrumental outro)
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