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True secrets about the most beautiful secrets of flora & fauna I've discovered.
         Throughout my life my Mother had raised me to greatly love and respect all flora and fauna. I believe there might be a nuclear war that will someday break out upon the world that will burn everything and everyone on the surface. This knowledge is highly valuable then for the Gray's, scientists and Watchers or anyone else that might survive, what's to come. Of course this knowledge is looked at as hog wash to most others but you never truly do know for sure, do you? There should be a way information (especially about flora and fauna) can be stored and recorded in case such a disaster such as all of the surface of the Earth burns from a nuclear war. Just think that anything that was once recoded in stone or that's in the ocean or any body of water can remain, though. Those would be great places and ways to keep valuable information at then. Even underground could remain intact as well.

         My name is Jesmiyah, I'm a scientist from another, Earth that's similar to your current one you inhabit. Many of us have been involved with some of you because we're trying to gather any information we can in order to preserve it before your Earth is destroyed with nuclear fire. We have many advanced skills done all from the use if the mind not many of you still don't know about yet which is truly sad. One of these skills is being able to see what happens in the future, on your world. If you focus your attention to whatever you intend on wanting to do or find out about someone or something this can indeed be done. A skill termed, "technical remote viewing" is only the tip of the iceberg on what your mind is truly capable of being able to accomplish doing. It can locate a person or object otherwise hidden with only use of the mind and is strictly scientificly proven to work. The mind is a valuable tool that if used properly, can actually be tied into the universe of endless possibilities on what it's truly capable of being able to do!

         The information I'll be discussing here is actually from a young girl I've taken particularly great interest in, who's now a pre-middle-aged woman that took interest in all flora and fauna I had, on your own world. I am a scientist, and what many of you would consider being a Gray. We had to exist underground from a nuclear war that occurred on our Earth, long ago. Our growth, skin coloration and eyes look the way they do due to being forced to remain living underground. We've became nocturnal due to this. It's been very difficult for us to continue to survive but nevertheless we have. Some of us reinhabitated your Earth and look quite human in appearance, but those of us who are either a ghost, project out of body or by mind that are still alive living underground on our world still have large black eyes, are short with pale skin.

         This woman and I have learned the necessary skills to enable us to learn about the flora and fauna, both on her Earth, mine and even upon other planets. We've had training and beyond this have further became our own self teacher learning these skills our self. We can leave the body we're inhabiting at will or the mind can also project to wherever we want it to project at. This woman I'd love to call her Evelyn has on multiple occasions seen me projecting on her world throughout the years. I've seen her, seeing me which is also highly interesting to me.

Notes on what I've observed:

* Squirrels - Their tail is suppose to appear looking full and furry, not frail and skinny. If their tail's are seen being frail and skinny, they're starving and have little or not enough food available for them to eat. If you see any that's like this in your neighborhood, put bread of leftovers outside for them, away from your home as much as possible, they might chew through your screen door to get more food. If you have dog treats (especially milk bones) or nuts you have but don't like eating in your nuts snack cans put them outside for your squirrels instead of throwing them away. They're found living in every neighborhood and forest preserve. Otherwise they go into dumpsters eating our garbage which is sad and wrong.

* Cotton wood trees, black Canadian squirrels and ringed plover or killdeer birds - The government said that they're rare but I've seen lots of them all over the state! I've seen ringed plover's and black Canadian squirrels in the grass close by the city's I work in. Nearly every forest preserve or public park has cotton wood trees growing at them! These flora and faunas aren't rare! Look around! Lol

* Canadian geese - I've seen them eating wild clovers and entire dandelion seed heads when they're all white and turn to seeds. I wonder what kind if health benefits the dandelion seeds and wild clovers seen growing in our lawns, public parks and forest preserves have? I know that we can eat dandelion leaves when the dandelion flower isn't in full white seed bloom. Same thing with wild brocollini. We can pick, cook and eat wild brocollini before it flowers. My Grandmother use to grow it in her backyard garden and served our family it, cooked. It was delicious! So if you need to feed your family free greens, look for dandelion leaves and wild brocollini. Fruits but especially vegetables can be expensive to buy at a grocery store and spoil quickly in our fridge.

         What many call a flaw of nature could actually be something wonderful and beautiful, perhaps even good and beneficial. Lots of people think creations of nature are a mistake or are even wrong, maybe not. A twin crystal for example can be just as great as twins an animal or a human has. It's not a freak of nature or is wrong, it's beautiful! I love to see a twin crystal or human there's nothing wrong with either one. You also can have that much more, to love. ;)

         Another great example of a flaw of nature, seeing a twin rainbow. You get to see a secondary rainbow and maybe even be given a higher good promise to what many might believe of as being a promise made to us when we see a rainbow. We can see even more of what's, good as well as beautiful!

* Mini story, about a blue colored kitsune fox lady spirit with twelve tails:

         There was once a beautiful furry sapphire blue colored kitsune fox spirit Goddess named Bluetsu. She lives in Japan. When she was alive she use to watch other children get bullied around her. She tried to help them but they would then bully her instead. Sometimes they'd punch her and would hurt her feelings. She went home afterwards crying. She once went to her room crying, telling herself, "If I ever get hurt too bad by the school bullies, I'll become a kitsune and will hang around school's protecting any kid that's getting bullied." She said with lots of tears in her eyes secretly to herself.

         One day Ohayo (Bluetsu's real first Japanese name), went to school and tried stopping 12 bullies. They all beat her up and she died at the hospital in critical care. She died from internal bruising.

         "Good! I am now known as Bluetsu! I am going to leave my body and will serve and protect all kids that get bullied instead now, and they won't hurt me either!" She was now a beautiful, sapphire blue, 12 tailed fox Goddess spirit. Sometimes bullies in the school's of Japan talk about seeing her, with all 12 tails shielding each child that's being bullied, and the bullies mysteriously being thrown across the other side of the school, away from those they're victimizing...

*It's wrong to bully anyone, it could lead to something that should've never been caused to happen. Bluetsu was beautiful, even though she had 12 tails. Her 12 tails formed a perfect shield to love and protect the victimized children in school's. Helping someone who's being bullied is what truly was beautiful, and 12 tails were symbolic of the justice that was brought to her by the death the bullies caused her to have lost her life from. That's why she used 12 tails, and they say she has 12 tales, to tell about those she's helped so far from being bullied in the school's of Japan. ;) The End ;) 12:12

Will continue.....
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