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The up coming Glory of Truth...In a perfect world.

Once upon a time...
Truth was set free anonymously.

The freed Truth ran about on each continent, unlocking the cages and releasing even more captive Truths.

Before anyone knew it, Truth was spreading like wild fire; completely and utterly out of control. Slowly the masses began to understand the Knowledge. They used it to develop tools, these tools they used for the betterment of mankind. They built a communication device that connected the entire world together, like one working unit. No longer were chains and locks, held in place to bind their minds, like in the past.
All in all, the world was turning out to be something entirely beautiful, on which the complete Truth opened itself with the fragrance and elegance of a lavender rose.
As the whole of humanity slowly covered its ground, it stood watching in silent awe. For what was emerging, was the beginning of the dawn of Truth, as it rose...mankind was truly at peace and one (won) with the creator.
Everything that was not true, stood out as false, as if it was dressed in electric neon; and as the rays of the sun shined upon it, instantaneously, it was vaporized.
An important moral to this story is,
one must not bind ones mind to the pages of any book until the whole Truth has emerged. The other more important moral to this story is Truth is Awesome and evil has no space, in the Place of Truth. THE END

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