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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2122291
About shapeshifters who live in a different realm, a teenage girl who wants to be human.
* I will be adding on to the story, and I would much appreciate the feedback as well as suggestions... I hope you enjoy the story! *Delight*


The morning started like any other I got up, put on black jeans and a put on a black tank top, with red lettering that said “know the wisdom of insanity so the truth can no longer blind thee.” Then I reached over to my marble slab sitting next to my bed, lifting both of my hands above my head. I dared to take a quick glimpse upward hoping, begging, praying to some form of a higher power that human nails would be attached to my fingers. But of course it was not to be, sighing i slammed both of my hands down on the marble slab which was followed by a white flashing light. The light soon dissipated, i cautiously peeked at my nails which were now short and black I can handle them being black, but I refused to go to Highschool with long, sharp, black talons. Once satisfied with my nail trim I headed to the bathroom standing in front of the vanity table as well as vanity mirror I then proceeded to take out the cover up bottle that said skin type was porcelain. but as long as it covered up my crimson colored crescent moon imprint on the middle of my forehead along with the fire imprints slithering from underneath both of my eyes all the way down to my jaw; I was fine with it being porcelain. Covering up my marks took the most time of my morning as it did every morning. When I finished doing that I bent down and pulled open the third drawer down from the top i instinctively reach for a small box right in the front pulling it out of the drawer i open it, but to my shock the box was empty! I frantically look for another box. Panic gripped my heart I couldn’t be out i bought in bulk last time. That’s when I heard his low husky voice.
“Looking for these Sorcha?”
Turning around I see my older brother, Shin, holding a pair of Green contacts.
“Give me those!” I growled.
“Aww is the crimson dragon getting upset?” Taunted Shin.
“Shin give me the contacts now You damn nine tailed fox!” I growled followed by smoke rolling out of my nose.
Shin’s sun yellow ears both twitched in unison as a big smirk formed across his face.
“Oh yeah? Why should I?” asked Shin.
“I need them.”
“For what!?” yelled Shin.
I knew that my brother didn’t share the same views as I did, but that never stopped me before and it won’t stop me now.
“Shin i need them for school I can’t go to school with golden eyes those are not a normal eye color.” I replied confidently.
I could see Shins’ tails stiffen as my brothers’ claws and canines became increasingly sharp, his ears pinned all the way back with his icy blue eyes glaring at me, it took alot to piss my brother off but for some reason I was really good at setting him off.
“Sorcha you are not human! You my dear little sister are the crimson dragon goddess! The sooner you get that through your thick skull of yours the better.” Shin said cruelly.
“I am Human.” I reply while stomping my right foot.
Shin's’ eyes filled with hatred as my words took effect. Then with one swift move Shin lifts up his right hand just above my reach and sets my Green contacts on fire. Anger filled every ounce of my body I couldn’t hold myself back anymore I let out a terrifying roar that shook the entire house and then some, I only meant to let out a second roar but the rage inside of me grew so when I opened my mouth a stream of bright red fire shot out. Engulfing the entire bathroom. Thankfully our house is made out of marble so that it is very sturdy.
“Human huh? Don’t make me laugh Sorcha! Take a Look at yourself! you have crimson hair, golden eyes, Crimson markings, black talons, and don’t get me started on your true form. My dear sister if your so called human friends truly accept you then show them your true self!” yelled Shin as he walked away.
Gritting my teeth I finish getting ready for school, just as i’m almost out the door I notice Shin blocking my path. His ears weren’t perked all the way up like their usual position, also his Blond hair wasn’t in it’s normal braid ,however, the fact remains that my big brother is blocking the doorway, and I will not let Shin intimidate me he may be almost three years older me but-
“I’m the Crimson Dragon Goddess! Not you stupid shin!” I blurted out. “Oh? So you’re not human little Sorcha?” Shin replied in a sly voice.
Avoiding Shin’s gaze I pull a big fur lined trench coat off the rack i hold my breath while I put it on; it was so hot, I already can breath fire so my body is naturally much warmer than humans and with the trench coat I imagine this is how hell’s fire would feel like.
“Alright I’m heading out”
“Why are you wearing such warm clothing?” asked Shin.
“{shighs) Because ,Shin, In the human world it is winter and that is where my school is.” I reply.
“Alright Fine. Be safe little Sorcha.” Shin replies as he walks down the hall.

Grabbing my backpack I head out the door, taking a look around it was beautiful outside. The grass was the perfect shade of green The cherry blossoms were in full bloom the color was violet this year, the wind blew a nice slow breeze that carried the scent of apples. Cherries, and raspberries; I start walking down the flight of stairs when all of sudden I hear Shin.
“Sorcha! Wait a minute.”
“What is it? I’m going to be late for school!” I yelled back annoyed.
Shin held up his right hand which had a box and I instantly knew what he had in his hand without hesitation I released my wings { which put to big slits in my shirt and coat} and with two massive strokes I was back at the entrance of my house.
“My extra pair of green contacts! Thank you big brother! You’re a lifesaver.” I reply excitedly.
“ no problem, now you should go before the portal between the human world and Celestial world closes” says shin.
“You don’t have to tell me twice”
Taking a few steps back pausing then I start flap my wings I am airborne within seconds I look down to see the red gate at the end of the flight of stairs ah that’s my stop, starting to descend toward the ground when i hear my watch go off
“Shit! the first bell rang already I got to hurry I can’t afford to be late! I have not choice I gotta fly into the portal.” Taking a deep breath I flap my wings even harder and by this time I am soaring pretty fast that the scene around me starts to become blurry. SO blurry in fact that I didn’t realize that I was in the human world till I crash right into a tree.
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