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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2123164
Flash Fiction for 5/28 keywords Music, Whisper and Note
"Lady, my lady." Nyaha heard an alarmed whisper from the trees. "There are strangers near, intruders, hunters."

Nyaha protected this sacred valley from foolish mortals. Turning into a raven she followed the whispers of the trees until she found these strangers. Perching she watched from a distance. They were not quite within the valley. A small group of elves that were clearly hunting. She wondered if they were lost and didn't know where they were. Then she noticed that one carried a forbidden weapon, a cruel infernal thing that could harm but not kill.

'Whatever they hunt I must protect' she thought as she took to the air. She listened to the air and earth but was still surprised when she found their prey. A child, an elven child. Beaten and whipped and suffering a forbidden weapon wound. The child was in shock and could no longer run.

"Mama....where's Papa?" the child asked before passing out. Nyaha touched the child's forehead to heal what she could and peak into memories.

"You poor innocent thing...such a misfortune to befall you and yours just for what you may one day become."

Nyaha started to sing, her music knit together the worse of the damage caused by the forbidden weapon. Every other note also bound the child's memories.

"Find your own fate free from that anger and pain little one."

The child couldn't stay and Nyaha was no great healer. Flying beyond the valley she hid the child and looked around. There was few mortals around but she found a traveling family. They had children the same age. She guided one of the women to the child as a raven and was pleased by the help they gave the poor lost soul.

'Stay safe. If you are what they feared we'll meet again.'
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2123164-The-lady-and-the-hunters-prey