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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #2123220
Pon Pon Lola Maria Yui Red Reese made five mistakes this year.

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Pon Pon Girl Written By LadySra

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Warning: This book contains mature content.

PPG Story Description -

(Pon Pon Girl) - Vol. 1

Pon Pon Lola Maria Yui Red Reese made five mistakes this year.

1) She defended her best friend Kim.

2) She got purposely kicked out of catholic school.

3) She's in denial about being a corrupting person.

4) She fell in love.

5) She let's the most popular girl in her new delinquent school take advantage of her.

After the incident of her mother being raped, and her father going missing, Pon Pon is forced to live as an orphan. She lives alone with a family maid and later, she starts going to a school for delinquents and meets the most interesting boy there.

Leon searches to find out Pon Pons past, yet she remembers nothing of it, but when someone kisses her on the lips like how her mother did before she killed herself, Pon Pons agonizing memories come back to haunt her.

Leon has to make a choice whether to accept Pon Pon for who she is, or simply ignore her and her long baggage of a past.

Maybe they might start a nice relationship?

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Enjoy sweets.


Chapter 1: Te Amo~

Pon Pon or Lola Maria Yui Red Reese

I don't remember much about myself or my past, so I decided to sit down and write on a paper.

One thing I remember was that my name was Pon Pon. It was a weird name but my so called mom that I didn't know gave it to me and it sounded cheerful. But my real name is Lola Maria, although no one calls me the Lola part. Pon Pon is just for a disguise, for some odd reason. My dream was to be writer when I grow up. I wanted to be a writer who writes sad stories, and sad but yet cheerful poems. I even like sitting here in my room; it makes me want to think of writing a poem so I decided to write. A nice poem came to mind, so I'll write a poem.

"I want to be,

Sweet and Caring,

Intelligent and Loyal,

Loving and Reliable,

Freaky and Humorous,

Dependable and Beautiful

I want to say things like.....

If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder.

If you want a hug, I'll definitely be your pillow.

If you want to be happy, I'll be the one to make you smile.

If you're alone, I'll be the one to sooth your emptiness.

But anytime you need someone to turn to,

I'll 'just be me-"

I hissed out in front of my desk. I couldn't write anymore. I didn't know who my parents were; my maid just did her job. But she did care for me, she tells me advice all the time so it's not like she hates me. Tears started to drop on the paper full of poems; the ink melting everywhere, and now you couldn't even really tell what I wrote. I crumpled up the paper, throwing it somewhere across the room.

Throwing my body hard against the bed, I continued to think about all the people who actually know, and have good memories of their parents whether their alive or not and I.... I can't remember anything. I would get these dreams referring to my mother, but all I saw was her crying face and blood dripping on my hands. But I was at the age five at the time.

Is she dead? Did I kill her? Am I the reason she's in so much pain? Will I ever see her again or even know about my past?!

There were so many questions inside my mind that are left unanswered.

Lying on my bed, I was thinking about school, which started tomorrow. I used to go to a catholic school named "Holic." Every girl there was rich or beautiful like me. The uniform is very cute. It's a white sweater with a brown creamy patterned skirt.

Man I'm going to miss that uniform.

The only reason why I'm going to miss it is because I was kicked out of that school for punching one of the nuns there. I punched her because she was the one who put Kim on the edge.

Kim was my best friend in that school. She was a good girl who was calm, fun, and always thinking positive. I was calm too, never really talked to anyone because I had my own problems. No one really talked to me. They would ask me questions but I guess no one had a problem with me because I was quiet.

That was until Kim approached me, she was easy to talk to and I really liked her. Most girls didn't like her because of her beauty and the fact that she didn't care about what people thought of her.

That was until the bullying got worse.

These girls surrounded us, but their main target was Kim. The girls didn't mind me because I'm not a person that gets all cheerful and confident. They started to mess with her at lunch, and her uniform would be so dirty because of it. I was really concerned for her, a few months later when it was winter and we had to change our uniforms to the winter wear. This was the season that everything backfired and was aimed at me.

I started to make Kim do everything I liked and not everything she liked. I know I was being a bad friend but it was the only way that I could help her. I even convinced her to cut her hair into a boy hair style. But I have to admit it looked really good on her, even she liked it.

I guess the girls at the school didn't like how I was changing Kim into a new person, so they came up with a plan to ruin Kim. And to do this plan they used one of the nuns at our school. Now some nuns are really nice. But some of them corrupt people or like to be corrupted themselves.

We had a snow storm that day but we were still supposed to go to school. When I walked there I walked passed this alley and I saw these nuns. I was shocked to even see holy people do such a thing.

Beginning of Flashback:

Walking in the dark path way where the only thing really visible was the snow, I shivered. I decided to walk in the alley way because I was running late so I took the shortcut. My head was still down and my hands ran up and down my two arms for warmth and comfort. When I finally got to the short cut alley way my blood ran cold.

I saw those old bitchy nuns bullying Kim. But she chose to ignore it by putting on a fake smile, but I knew she was hurting inside. The old nuns picked Kim up, and all you could hear we're her blood curling screams. Once she was up and lifted, the nuns then threw her in the big garbage bin. They started throwing garbage upon garbage on her, choking her inside the dirt...

"STOP IT! YOU'RE NOT RELIGIOUS, YOU'RE ALL JUST ATHEIST!" Kim cried. The nuns cringed at the sound of her voice. "How dare you call us that you little brat!" The small yet older nun said. "You're all.....DEVIL WORSHIPERS! You don't deserve God's kindness! YOU'RE A DISAPPOINTMENT TO HIM!" Kim screamed at them again. I never thought that Kim would actually crack one day and let out all the anger that this catholic school put her through. There was one nun that caught my attention; she was younger than all of the other nuns. Her face stayed blank as the other nuns were trying to break Kim. She noticed me staring at her, so she quickly started running. I ran past the alley way seeing her still running.

We ran until we both reached into the gates of Holic High. I was finally gaining on her, so I stretched my arm quickly and in I slapped her hard on her back making her screech and fall. I started to kick her at her face and the stomach. I was literally stomping on her; when I got tired of it I backed away slowly, still breathing hard. She slowly got up, still coughing.

What can I say; I'm a very aggressive person.

She looked me right in the eye, I was about to kick her face in for even daring to look me in the eye. But then she pulled her palm out in front of me, and in her palm was a necklace. It looked like the necklace that some Jews used to wear, which was the Star of David. Was she trying to mock me and my kind with this necklace just because I'm Jewish?! "What are you-?" She put her hand in my face and cut me off as I tried to speak.

"Hold on... before you say anything to me that is rude, I need you to take this," she huffed.

"Why do I need to take something that Hitler made my kind wear, when he tried to kill them off!" I shouted at her.

"This David necklace is not from me, it's your mothers. So just stop arguing with me and take it!" She yelled back.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" I instinctively asked her.

"You don't even know your mother; you have no other choice than to trust me." She grabbed my hand, opened my palms and placed the Star of David in my hands. "It was passed down from generation to generation. Given to your mother before she died, she told me to hold this for you when time was right." I just stared at it and then put it in my pocket. I looked up at her again and punched her dead in her face.

"That's for throwing my friend in the garbage you bitch!" I screamed at her as she hit the ground groaning again. I put on the Star of David, holding the star in my palm hoping it was passed down from my mother to me.

I ran to back to where Kim was, only to see her cleaning the garbage off her body. "Kim!" I called out to her. She looked at me and gave a small smile. I ran up to her and asked, "Why is there garbage all over you?" I tried to act like I didn't know what just happened to her.

"Oh no reason..." She hummed.

"Are you sure? I mean there's stuff all over you-" I stopped when I saw that icy look in her eyes. So I just helped her clean up.

End of Flashback

I started to roll around in my bed; I touched the Star of David necklace, running my fingertips all over the star. I wonder if other people in my kind still wear this... It's like a good memory, but it's also a sad memory. I looked at my calendar, February twenty-six, 2010. I wonder what I would do for my hair tomorrow.

Whenever Kim came over she would always do my hair.

Sometimes I wonder if her voice is still gone or not.

Beginning of Flashback:

It had been months since Kim has gotten sick and lost her beautiful voice. During those months I was under suspension. Apparently the old bitchy nuns found the young nun and she told them how I messed up her beautiful face. Soon the headmaster found out and she suspended me saying that when I get back she will send me to a delinquent like school.

I would go back a few times just to see Kim. Even though her voice was gone we still had fun with each other.

When the day that I had to come back to Holic came, I went straight to the headmaster's office only to get a lecture about 'hitting nuns is a very serious crime.' After the lecture I was off until I saw Kim standing behind the front entrance gate. It was raining really heavy and I was a little worried that she was going to get sick again so I ran up to her.

"Kim, what are you doing out here without an umbrella, you're going to get sick again." I said to her as I was about to open the gates of Holic. She still couldn't speak because of her throat; she kept her head down and then looked up at me. Her eyes were as cold as ever as she looked up at me. I stared at her blankly because I had no idea why she was looking at me in that way. Since Kim can't speak, she either moves her lips or writes down what she wants to say.

That was until I looked up at her face. She moved her lips, and the movement of the words she was saying broke my heart.

"You corrupt people." As soon as I processed the words she was saying to me, I ran home in the dark heavy pouring rain.

I started to walk with my umbrella up again. That's when I saw the young nun appear in front of me. She held a hand up and stared down at me and said, "She got tired of you controlling her. You made her suffer too much, just let her suffer on her own my dear Lola." She said and then walked back to the school.

I touched the Star of David on my neck-secretly wanting to rip it off because of that nun just now, the one I so happily punched in the face. But instead I continued to walk back home with my head down in the pouring rain.

End of flashback

Ok, ok, I get it maybe I did control her! But I was only trying to help her, but then the bullying got worse. This is why I don't get involved with people because they will only cause me problems or I'll cause them problems.

I continued to pack up my Mickey Mouse book bag, putting school supplies in. The only reason I got into that stupid catholic school was because I was elegant and very smart and I still am today. I started to make up my bed when my maid came into my room to give me my birth control. Periods are way better when their lighter, girls trust me.

She nodded at me giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. She picked me up and threw me on the bed, then tucking me in roughly.

"Hey Muriel, what are you doing!" I yelled at my maid who was tucking me into way too rough and not carefully.

"Maria go to sleep, school is tomorrow," she said calmly. I quickly got up and took my pill, moving back into the bed drifting off; trying to get my mind off Kim, the young nun, and my mother for once.

Wow I have a lot of stuff on my mind.... I needed to relax for once.

Chapter 2: Rude

I finally arrived at my new so called delinquent school. Getting out of Muriel's pink bug car I felt a little shy but also confident inside for some reason. Muriel got out the car and I scowled at her thinking 'What the hell is she doing?' She turned to me and said, "I will lead you to your class, wouldn't want you getting lost now." Then she grinned at me. Ugh... I hated when she grinned at me. Muriel is surely not a person fit for grinning, maybe smiling but not grinning. She reminded me of one of those vampires that smiled wickedly before they suck you dry, her smile looked just like that.

Before we reached the class some girl pulled onto me and asked, "Hey new girl, that's your mother?"

I stared at her blankly because she was being so rude. You don't just pull onto someone and act like you know them. I finally decided to speak to her after her rude act. "No, that is my personal maid."

She grimaced at me, and then walked away and I heard her mumbling words like, "You Holic girls always act like you're Hollywood style."

I sighed and kissed Muriel on the cheek and walked into my classroom. As soon as the door opened everyone looked at me. The teacher finally turned her attention to me, obviously noticing that the class was finally quiet. She turned her attention back to the class and said, "Class," she waved a hand at me, "this is Pon Pon Reese."

After she announced my full name I heard girls whisper things like, "She looks ok, but she should at least stop wearing so much makeup," one girl said. The girls stared at me with envy and a hint of jealousy.

The boys stared at me lustfully, saying things like "She's so cute," a short boy in front said.

"I think she's hotter than every girl in this school!" Another boy's voice cheered.

"She looks like one of those girls from that Holic Catholic School, only I hope she isn't snotty like them," the girl with blonde pig tails who sat in the front said.

I stared at her for a bit and finally spoke directly to her "Oh, don't worry I'm not like them, but I know what you mean," I smiled politely at her.

"Are you Japanese?" A boy who sat in the middle of the class asked me.

"Yes," I told him, "but I'm also Ecuadorian."

"We don't see much people from Ecuador or Japan come to this school, it's rare," The teacher said to me.

"Well this is L.A. so I guess I can understand." I said, running my hand through my long auburn hair.

'And this is apparently a delinquent school, what other person would come here, because I surely wouldn't. But I was forced to come here,' I thought to myself.

I turned back around to the class and was instantly shot with more and more questions about myself.

"Alright class you can all ask Ms. Reese about herself at lunch time," the teacher announced to the class. After her mini announcement, I heard a little, 'Aw...' and 'Whatever man,' and some kids sucking their teeth in the front.

I was about to walk to my seat when the teacher reached for my arm, "Sorry I didn't tell you my name," she smiled at me warmly, "Ms. Lily it is."

I nodded and continued my walk to my seat at the back of the class. When I sat down I heard the classroom door open, showing a boy who was a little bit taller than me and he looked surprisingly like my type of guy. I put on my dark hood cover my head in case I seemed noticeable.

A boy with short blonde spiky hair and bright blue eyes, who was sat next to me tapped my shoulder. I'm guessing he noticed my gawking at that boy who just walked in because of what he told me, "That's Leon Fong, he's a looker ain't he." The boy winked at me. I blushed, obviously embarrassed at what he just said to me. Apparently Ms. Lily and Leon were arguing about him being late for class.

"Because of your lateness, you didn't get to properly meet our new student," Ms. Lily said as she pointed at me. Leon looked my way, his eyes analyzing my face features. He turned back to Ms. Lily and said, "She looks like one of those girls from that Catholic School called Holic. Isn't it down town, yeah.... I think so. All the girls from that school are cute and well mannered, but some are a little snotty," he said as he stared at me again.

The girls with blonde pig tails who thought I was snotty got up out her seat. She balled up her fist, then slamming them down on the desk to get Leon's attention but she also got the wholes classes attention on her.

"Are you trying to say that every girl here isn't pretty!" She sneered at him in disgust.

Leon tapped his chin for a bit, looking overly cocky. "Yes," he said and he stared at the girl mockingly, "but the girls from that Catholic School are hot. The girls here need to try harder, especially you Roxie." He chuckled for a bit. "Not even makeup can help you Roxie, and you put on way too much of it." He laughed in her face while her jaw dropped.

Hum, so the blonde pig tailed girls name was Roxie. With the way Leon was laughing in Roxie's face, it made me think that I didn't want to get on his bad side. He might point out all my body flaws, like my breast size. It was small I guess that's what happens to girls in a "A" bra size like me.

"Oh yeah," Roxie picked at the fake tips on her nails. "why don't you come over here and say that to my face, so I can scratch that cocky look of your face," she gritted her teeth and flipped him the bird.

"Gladly," Leon bit his lip as he started to approach her.

Ms. Lily grabbed Leon by the arm and said, "I think its best you take your seat now young man," her stone cold gaze that sent shivers down my spine.

He clicked his tongue and walked his way to his desk, which was behind me, just my luck.

Roxie's eyes were still on him, he was at his desk but wasn't in his seat yet. Instead his head moved to the side so he could see Roxie. "Stop staring at me you slag," he said and then sat in his seat. People started laughing at his remark towards Roxie, until Ms. Lily clapped her hands together as if we were babies.

This is really a school for delinquents, I sighed.

"Ok class today is a free period for us, so were going to start it off with study hall" Ms. Lily said and then she walked off to her desk to continue whatever business she had to do on her laptop.

I went inside my baby blue colored bag, only to get my math books out. I liked to study math because I can't really afford to lose track in it, it can be really difficult at times.

The same blonde spiked hair boy who was also incredibly cute with his bright blue eyes poked me with his pen. "Yes," I answered politely, turning my head to him. He smiled and said, "I spoke to you before but never told you my name. I'm Carlos."

"Pon Pon," I said, introducing myself also.

"I thought you name was Lola?" Carlos tilted his head to the side.

"Yeah it is, but no one ever calls me that so, I guess you could say that 'Lola' is a second name for me."

"Oh, well it was nice to meet you Pon Pon."

I nodded and continued back to my work but I froze when I felt someone's hands run through my light auburn hair. I turned around, only to see that Leon kid touching my hair.

"Are you having fun?" I asked him.

"Yep," was his reply. I smelt his smoky carbon scent from him. I moved back from him a bit "Um.... You smell like smoke." I turned around to face him and whispered, "Do you smoke?"

He nodded and then I pouted, "That's not healthy" I replied, when the bell rang and I got up to go to my next class.

The rest of the school day went fast, well actually the first half. I spent lunch in the library and after that I went to the bathroom, there I saw that girl that Leon was arguing with this morning. I decided to fix my hair a bit. After I finished fixing my hair a bit but paused when I noticed she was staring at me with a mean look. After I finished fixing my hair, I looked at her and asked, "Is there something wrong?"

She scowled at me and said, "Stay away from me," then she looked away from me, "you make me feel ugly, now I have to put on even more makeup because of you."

Was she saying that I was way prettier than her? Why was she so insecure about herself? She had more breast than me, I mean like I was "A" sized, now that's small. This girl wasn't ugly, she looked fabulous with her bright blonde hair and stormy eyes. I knew that I was pretty but I of course didn't brag about it. I wasn't conceded like other girls who 'thought' they were pretty.

I chuckled at her thoughts because she was insecure about herself when she really didn't need to be.

"What's funny bitch?" She asked me in an annoyed tone. I continued to chuckle at her but I stopped when she slapped me. I held my cheek and looked up at her and she pulled a disgusted look on her face. "Why do you call yourself ugly? You should believe that you're beautiful but just don't brag about it," I said. She huffed and said, "You better watch out, junior." Then she walked out of the bathroom.

I gaped at her statement. I knew I didn't do anything wrong to her, I was just telling her the truth. I didn't mind being bullied though because it all didn't really make any sense.

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