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the kludge brothers are at it again for the first time
word prompt: skitter jejune and kludge
concept prompt: time travel

Skitter and Jejune Kludge were the most reputable and least competant hit men in the known Multiverse. in their long career they had yet complete a single job without getting caught. which made them perfect for their current assignment. their handler Constance Hammer was a blunt faced barrel chested woman of indeterminate age, who could curse in five languages. which is what she was doing now.

when she stopped to catch her breath Jejune opened his lipless mouth but thought better of what he was about to say when she shot him a whithering look.

"here is the job. i need you to go back to the 1930s and steal the plans for the Model-A." she could see the wheels turning in Skitters brain. after a long silence Jejune finally worked up the nerve to ask." where are we supposed get a time dilation pellet strong enough to take us back 2000 years."
Constance said in a tone tried to be soothing but only succeeded in cracking every window for five blocks in every direction. "dont worry." she said giving them a grin that could peel paint." this wont hurt... much." with that she placed her palms on their foreheads.

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