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When a girl persuade's you to swap clothes and something happen!
I am a very thin, tall girl, light brown skin, medium hair and wavy brown eyes and fine complexion
He is a little taller than me with short, thin black hair, fair skin and slim complexion.

A day out of school, i went at home with a boy, because that day there was nobody in my house. so, we both were into my room and told him...

"hey john do you wanna try swap your uniform with me" i said with wink. "WAIT!!, WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?" john said nervous.

"oh c' mon, john will be funny" i said put my best eyes puppy "i don't know, maybe someone come in and see us with ours clothes swap, i don't know what i would do" john said worried. "you not have why you worries john nobody will be in home until 6 o'clock" i said while smile him. "(sigh) ok let's do it!, i hope nobody see us" john said

in that's moments I wore a dark plaid skirt, long leg socks, a white blouse with black sweater and school shoe's
He wore navy blue pants, a white shirt, and a navy blue sweater with school shoes.

"well, how will we do!" john ask (start take clothes off). "WAIT!!...silly, idiot... you should not undress in front of me" said with red face (i'm flushed). "how are we supposed to swap?" john ask again

"you have reason john the best way to do what would be? hmmm...? i know!" Then I told him to go to room that was next to mine."now you knew, get out my room idiot" i shout while i push him out. "HEY don't push me i can exit by myself" john said

we begin take clothes off i pass my uniform at him through of the door, even my pantys and bra. "WHAT IS THIS THING!!!" john ask shame "i told you if you wanna swap all uniform and underwear is part that" i said seriouly. "really? really you wanna that i wear this"jhon said incredulos. "yes, i really want that you wear and pass me your underwear"i said put mi hand obtain a briefs
After a few minutes we had the other's clothes. I felt great emotion when i was wear a boy's clothes.

"this feel so great john"i said looking me. "i no think the sam,e belen" john said try put his skirt down. "you look so cute with your new uniform jen"i said with a huge laught. "you know what is the worst about that, belen?"john said still push the skirt down. "what is?"i ask "all your clothes without exception fix perfectly in all my body eve your shoes fit in my foots"john said dissgusted
"really? so you have girl's foot"i said in mocks tone. "but you alrigth john we're same size your all clothes fit well in me too" i said while a gave a spin

"hey jen"i still mocks john. "now what" john said. "do you like act as other" i ask john. "well i think no have hurt try" "this is so cool, take john use this" i pass a wig. john no can put wig heself, i had that help him
After these moments we play to act as if we were the other with attitude and poses, we passed a good time,a little time. when suddenly I heard that principal door of my house was opened, I look throught my window see entered my dad.
In that we entered panic,both try take all clothes off quickly. i put on a dress and i took off my clothes since it was easier to remove the pants that had the closure in front and not back and the other clothes as I was loose came out and quickly the launch to my basket of clothes
The problem was for john as my skirt closing was behind, he was not used to that and also he never had use a skirt complicate the problem, the only thing that john could do was removed my shoes only was simples flats.

"finally i can do take your clothes off your, belen" john said relief. "no john put them back"i said. "really?belen"john ask frusted. "yes, i have a idea, take my backbag and put all things inside" i pass both backbags swaping all things inside.

When my dad entered in the house. i was super nervous.

"daddy i am with a partner from the school she soon go her home" i said super nervous. "ok sweet, i out i'm will back in ten minutes" my dad said. "sure daddy i love you" i said pretend be calm. then i back to my room.
before my dad out ask me for gave my basket clothes to wash the clothes where is john's uniform was; So I had no choice i have john go with my uniform. i can't lend more of my clothes which was difficult because I wear many skirts and dresses.

when my dad exit, there was an opportunity for my friend to leave there,
"we needed out now, john" i said take his hand. "wait! what's is your uniform and mine"john ask "no matter now john, we need out now"i said. then quickly look for a pair of pants and a shirt"you should use this for the moment you arrives to house" I said put inside backbag. john dubious and nervous did not want but I managed to convince him."belen can you lend me some tennis?, i need when i change my clothes" john ask for. "sorry john,but tomorrow we wil wear sports clothes, I could not lend my tennis, so you have that wear my daily shoes." i said "almost was dark no one notice if you are a girl or not?" i said try comfort john.

Then my friend went home with my clothes, when my dad arrived I told him that if I could go by the clothes to the laundry tomorrow and he said yes

After that diner with my parents was more quiet.

finish the dinner i went to sleep normally in the night I felt a little strange because my body did not feel as usual so I got up and noticed that my room looked the same, but i still incomfortable with my body. then i go at bathroom to piss i had a greatr surprise, i forget take off the john's briefs, so push down and see a dick... "what the hell is that thing" i said heard a strange but familiar vioce quick go at mirror then my fears became reality I was my friend which surprised me a lot,

then i call my friend's cellphone "hey john are you awake" i ask. listen to my friends voice frightened and cofunded. "what do you want john" listen to my voice aslept "wait, what? if i am john, who hell are you and why you have my voice?"john said hear my voice "what the... my voice sound like..."john mute in some second. Then I told him to calm down we canpretend to be like the other, he understood and accepted.

it was almost 6 am, "john we needed change from house now" i said."but is too early"jaohn said. "look john what you think that yor parents see a girl in your room"i try persuades jhon. "OKAY i go to house now"John said when john arrives at my home "well john you have to go my room and pretend be me, about me. i have go at your house and pretend be you OKAY" i said many frusted

"AH !! But I'm warn to you. you not do dirty things with my body (now his) and what nothing happen when you go take a bath" i said with the voice more threat i can do. "okay"john said, he had understand. but was look scare fom me?

when i go to my new home, go inside my new room then see my old backbag... i try pretend be john. when i take a bath it was something strangely uncomfortable to see a naked body of a man who was now mine, quickly finished bathing which was great and I dressed to go to school, on my way to school I found my friend in my body. "john take a bath was to hard to me, but dress are so easy and quick" i said "for me it was difficult take a bath being you, because I did not know how to wash my hair and the water. you body is too sensitive, the water hot hurt my skin especially my private part, but i had an incredible sensation when touching it but abstained from doing wrong things. because "john said quietly

Then walking to school we both wondered how that happened and remember the joke we did that would be great to live a weekend like the other.

It was as it is said to be in your shoes?

Then we did not think it was a reality but we remembered that we both had the other's shoes in our homes.

"if we try change ours shoes again" jhon ask "for now we can not do it" I said. "what happen if we can not back normal"john ask. he scared about be a girl for all life. began to tremble like those stories of terror where someone steal bodies. "do not be scared or worried we wanted to live the life of the other or not? So if we stayed like this the weekend not bad happening. we start the Monday before the school try to return to be ourselves," i said smiling trying convine myself too. by other hand john look very dubious."good as if we had other option" john. said frusted.

The life of john was so exciting to play soccer with other's guys, pushing, behaving like a real boy without being criticized or being reprimanded for things like
"that is not a way to behave like a lady."

But poor john did not seem to like my life since he joined timidly with the girls who used to frequent in the recess "whats wrong belen you looks diferent today" they said friendly. "it's nothing, it's i no feel myself today just that. don'r worry girl's" john said shyly. "are you in period" i can heard them whisper john."yes... am i... i guesst that"john said with a red face look other side

when we out of school "you can accompany me" (sounds strangely funny) hear john said accompany me. 'she' was worried that I would not know what to do Saturday and Sunday so I proposed to have an appointment with me"whats if we thave a date? what youthink about that, belen?"i said a form seductive ."no way, i not would out with you or me it's hard explainme, you now" john very embarrassed blush."i know he wanna meaning" I would not have an appointment with me (himself) .

"oh i see you are afraid of have a date with a good boy"i answered "i know that you are afraid" i said smile friendly." who are affraid a simple date?"john said with a shake voice. "i not force you" i asnwer "why i would have scare so tell me where we would have the appointment" john ask shake her legs. really john was affraid but some reason he want out with me i think he feel save by my side "in the center of the city at 10 o'clock in the morning and that I wanted see you cute and very well dressed in cute and shining clothes".i said so excited. "ok i'll see how i can dress to look's cute" john accept again as if I had no choice. "john you don't forget go the laundry there was he uniform and that I would need it if wanted to back be himself" i said.he angry He said no forget... "for that... I am in this problem for changing clothes with you." john said then he went at my house

I do not know why he was expecting an appointment with me (or was himself). but I really felt excited and could not wait for tomorrow so at night start looking for clothes that would be good to wear for john and that he would like him, so that in the end look for something that could possibly like me a white shirt a black dress pants and elegant shoes, then I went to sleep even more excited.

In the morning I take bath, I go to breakfast with my new parents and in the end i dress. then i went to the center, when I arrived he was waiting for me and I was surprised to see myself so fresh and pretty. "wow john you looks so beatiful" i said sorprised. he wore a short black pleated skirt a white blouse, black stockings and low heels, and had a hairstyle with a fringe in front but it was not like what a girl had a feminine touch so fresh her hair had a Braid in the shape of a diadem and the hair behind it had curled."thank you belen, but you know be a pretty girl is too hard "john said tired. "but was nice that mom help me" john said with a little smile stroke her hair

When i see he she seems a true girl, for first time i feel atracted from he, then I blush a lot?. "do you like it?"john said shyly. I surprised about his words "yes, but how I had done to be so feminine?" i ask "thank your mother who was the one who helped me with everything and more with the hairstyle" john answer.

Well after talking and smiling a little we started the appointment we went to a park that was near there, we played a good time on the swings, then I take it to the video games and I win several times,"john sorry i had take some money of your wallet for the date" i said shame. "don't worry abot that i did the same with your mouney" john said with a giggles the same. in the afternoon we went to a field not far from the city and he seemed so comfortable with me it really seemed like he was enjoying our date we lay in the grass a while later we stayed Asleep and upon waking he stared at me and quickly turned embarrassed look he said something suede and I said that nothing at the end I take it to a restaurant not so expensive and from there we started to talk about what it was like to live in each other's shoes, the Advantages and disadvantages we had each.
In that arises a silly joke and the smile so naturally seemed really a girl without fears, worries, really "she" was beautiful ... at the end of dinner we went to walk a little at those moments he takes me by the hand and smiling says I love to go out with you, enjoy these moments being the other since I do not think it will repeat itself and thus we end our appointment with an incredible view to the full moon.

On Sunday all day I spent thinking about the appointment and how serious if we were more than friends or if he wanted to be me forever, But, it was not time to get back to reality and to be me again, so on Monday we would become us again, so when I thought that, someone was at the door and he would bring his shoes (now mine) and he asked for mine (Now his) and told me ready to go back to which I replied that I did not like his body and I would not give him back and enjoy his new life (mine) the sad started to cry I just laugh I said I was joking that I was List, even crying told me that she was a fool and gave me a soft blow, it was understandable since I had forced to be me even if he had not wanted and gave me a gift and told me not to open it and had left a Gift in my room too and open it until returning to normal.

Well the Sunday pass on Monday I put on the corresponding uniform to go to school and wait for me to return to my old life but nothing happened, but it does not seem surprising since the belief that would pass by passing time and returned normal to school and I met me and we went to school normally and in ear enjoy being at school at the end of classes at my house and I worry about himself forever and I went to sleep.
On Tuesday I awaken again strangely as if my body was another, when I wake up well I was in my original room and look down at last it was me.
Then look next to my bed a box that said open it, when it opened it contained a photo and a note that said I love being you although it was for a short time I had a lot of fun and I knew a world completely different ...
Pd: this photo is for you to remember how great we spent on the date ... and the photo I had was when we kissed on a bench in the light of the moon.
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