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part one of a story involving Snowflake all the characters are my OC's
“Unnnhhh,” I groaned as I sat up. “Where am I?” I looked around for any clues to my location, but it was hopeless. Even though I had fairly decent night vision, there was barely enough light to see an arm’s length in front of me. And that’s a neera’s arm’s length, not a mega’s. From what I could tell, though, I was in a cage. “What happened yesterday?”

I thought about what I knew. One, I knew my name was Snowflake. Two, I was a neera. Three, I had white fur, which was incredibly unhelpful. And four, I had been created as an experiment. There was more, but that’s to be discussed in a different story.

As I inspected the cage, I realized the door was kept closed by a simple latch. I grinned, unable to believe that this mega could be so stupid. I quickly opened the cage and slowly crept along the table. Then I felt something pinch my tail.

“Ohhh no you don’t,” a girl’s voice scolded softly . “You’re staying right here with me until I can find out more about you.”

I twitched nervously. “Oh, uh, I wasn’t trying to escape, no way. Nope, not me.”

The girl laughed. “Oh, I like you!” she said. “You’re funny, little neera. Mrow.. and cute, too.

My blood ran cold. I knew that sound. I turned around and saw two green eyes seemingly glowing in the dark.

“Y-y-you’re-you’re a-you’re a-a-a” I stammered. My heart sank. “You’re a neko.”

“Ooh, clever boy!” the neko girl purred. “In my current form, yes, I am a neko.” She switched the light on and I saw the face of my captor. She was a neko, with sky blue hair, and green eyes.

“C-c-c-current form?” I asked. “You’re a shapeshifter?”

“Yep.” As she said this, her form shrank down to my size and the next thing I knew, there was a neera girl standing right in front of me. She stuck out her hand. “I’m Ambre.”

I took her hand hesitantly. “I’m Snowflake.” I said. “So you’re actually a neera?”

“Oh no, I was a human.” She stepped off the table and took human form. “See these?” she pointed to two scars on her neck. “You know what I am now?”

“You’re a vampire.” I said, slowly backing away. “Please don’t suck my blood.”

“Oh, Snowflake, you’re so hilarious! I can’t suck your blood! You’re too small. Besides, I’d rather have a neko or human. But nagas are my favorite.” She licked her fangs. “Mmmmmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.”

“Maybe I should leave……” I said as I turned to run.

“No, no, you’re fine. I’ll be right back.” Ambre got up and walked out of the room. I was about to jump off the table I was standing on when she walked back in. She was drinking red liquid from a straw. “Relax,” she said in response to my horrified expression. “It’s fruit punch.”

“Okay. I’m going to leave now. This is too weird.” I jumped off the table and scampered to the door. “I’ll visit you, I promise.”

Ambre sighed. “Fine, but be careful. There’s a bunch of predators that you won’t see coming. Be sure to watch out for-”

“Bye!” I yelled as I squeezed under the door and ran into the night.
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