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Saving My Funny (to me) Creations From My Chaplin In and Out. Satire Will Out, I Reckon


Charlie Chaplin Chews Chocolate Chutney  (18+)
Alliteration Challenge September 1- 7, 2023! 230K Drawing 9/8 WINNER Nannamom!
#2125006 by ♥tHiNg♥

"Patience Parsimmon, Featuring The Perceival Pringle Perpetually Perplexed Corral"

"Beaulah Buttahbean Brickle and the Seasonally Affected Badgers"

"Henrietta Fingerwurst and the Thumbsdown Trio"

"Ned Better and the Bullying Blamer Five"

"Sardine Sandwich and the Serpants of Scholastic Syrup"

"Booger Blame and the Half-baked Weasels"

" Polly Pincushion and the Painfully Obvious Self Congratulators"

"Mercedes Moola Monchichi and the Running Trout Rovers"

"Sherman Showboat and the Semi-Temporarily Skint Soakers"

"Roxie Rappaport Rydell and the broke Hiccup Truck Razors"

"Miles Milanthrope Makes Mirages out of Mackerel Masks Mainly in March, Mostly in May Manipulating Market Margins Maliciously"

"Seymour Southpaw Searches Strawberry (as opposed to Apple) Systems Seeking Soothsaying Squirrels and Sleepwalking Soul Singers"

"Adam Aardvark Advances Alluringly, Announcing Anonymous Awards at Afternoon Teas Without Fleas Afterthoughts"

"Barbeque Brisket Brings Bad Vibes to Very Vivacious Vocalizing Vegetarian Vixen Cows Contemplating Contemporary Cooking Catastrophies in Capricious Cancun"

"Bodacious bison brought bananas and books to Barnes and Noble hoping to trade in tantalizing tomes and such for Nooks"

"Prudently plucking potentially profitable posing postures by estimating earnings and eventual ego-balancing echoes, floating to the top of the tower of togas Tuesday, today, toppling toward Taipei"

"Slurping summer slushees seems certain to satisfy some thirsts and create majestic mustaches of magenta and many magnificent masterpiece's marking facial facades in a funny fashion."

"Simpering snobs snap smartly to attention always obsequiously obtuse to original thought processes until the finger fingers numero uno."

"Puzzling posting persisted beyond boundaries boding badly, believing worst wretched words hurled HOOves hide's way by Middle-aged Matrons Madder than Mad Monkeys with torn tails."

"Cancerian crab Caroline counted consecutive calendar days, directly driving downhill, dodging dogs, dames and divas in search of a Birthday Bonus Banjo & Bongo-playing celebration in Hyde Park with Green Day doing their tHiNg tonight."

"Bovine Birthday Bakery Bonanza of Buttercream Cake Bites Beneath Buttercream Bonnet Calls to Caroline for her Birthday Celebration and Cookout!"

"Devouring delicious cupcake creations, suddenly seizing stomach as pain persists punching hellacious hot heartburn holes in HOOves husky haunches. Ouch!"

"tHiNG twitches tendons, tentatively taking time to temporarily postpone posturing, pondering autumn's august and austere advance"

"Delores delegates difficult detailed duties, dodging culpability, clutching credit, clawing tentatively to the top tier, dangling dangerously over Olive, one sycophantic second away from squash."

"Atrocious Agatha summons sympathetic sycophants for a calcifying chorus, culminating in abominable agreement on managing minions who question quizzical quotations, instinctively intended to injure recipients' fragile feelings."

"Sister soldier, Selena Socrates professed profuse and adamant apologies after admonishing frightened followers forward for frenzied objectives of obnoxious October obliteration"

"A queen's queer quest to allow afterthoughts aboard altered the timetable, turning tempting treats into revolting remnants regurgitated repeatedly, raising recipients' rage and acid reflux." *Laugh* Ripped from the headlines, so to speak! *Laugh*

"Ostentatious Olivia Often Overlooked Owls, Making Myopic Mistakes & Moronic Missteps, Causing Catastrophic and Cumbersome Crashes, Crumbling Cheshire Cats Feelings to Bits."

"Caroline cornered catfish, casting carefully, calculating chances of success while considering the ramifications of recalcitrant swimmers circumventing the lovely, luscious lure of the line."

"Perpetually disappointed Daphne designated dopey Debbie as driver, delegating decision making from one dim wit to another in the big scheme of things a disastrous development."

"Carioke Udders and the Jackal Jabber Three"

"Howling Halloween Hooligans dodged dowager doorbells, seeking sweet suffragettes starting the century cleverly courting singletons."

"Hefty hypocrites huddle professing patronizing powers of civil communication and discourse deftly dispensed to only those with whom they agree adamantly as opposed to those who politely demure from bullying broadcasts."

"Nosy Nancy never noticed negative names and numbers until usurping Ursula urged uniting for the greater good, granted as perceived by Peter Pompous posturing prettily on the temptingly treacherous Topeka trail."

"My most magnificent friend Maynard from Maine drank Moxie Magnificently while walking his Moose named Madagascar Monroe" (in memory of a wonderful writer and friend)

"Cunning Cassandra's camera captured Christmas in all it's overblown consumption of overpriced objects of desire, but finally found faith in a charming child's countenance, simply stated a smile of contentment covered the cherub's cheering cries."

"Surreptitious Sydney saw seals salivating surfside, while pernicious, posturing penguins pounced on Pebble Beach, beckoning bountiful beaches welcoming well wishers, one and all, to 2018."

"Diana Drama danced, pranced and posed, posturing nightly, teasing and taunting til the next enchanting entrance evolved, evoking approving applause"

"Cryptic Carol invoked intuition, finding frosty February informative, instructional and eventually extremely enlightening after collective and consecutive calendar years of confusion."

"Chicago Cubs Fan and Cunning Claw of Doom Demands Donations Daily Through Innocent Intermediaries Incoherently Insisting on Invisible Illinois Irritants."

"Caped Crusader Catrina Kitty-Cat Broadcast Boastful Barrages Broadside, Making Miniature Markings And Hurting Helpful Hearts While Stampeding With Selfish Disregard of Feline Feelings, Flying Furiously in Future Folly of the Grasping, Gossiping Group."

"Mopey Maxine and the Motivated Marauders Marched Mightily, Making Many Mustard Muffins for Monday's Meeting"

"In a second of stinking stupidity, sultry Stella saw nothing, overlooking Olivia's outstanding efforts in favor of Lazy Lucinda's one-time half-baked phoned-in fake posture. It cost Stella decidedly dearly, dont cha know in the long run"

"Frieda Frizzlefrazzle Squirrel fiddled and fussed around figuring out how to best position events to flagrantly favor her friends for accolades awards and bonus acorns."

"Pompous portly Portia pontificated pointing out self-satisfied suck-ups serving saturated superiors marvelously maleficent meandering malfeasance"

"Gimme gimme gemma gargled gigantic pendants posturing persistently for patient possums"

"Wrinkled Willy and the Wretched Wastrel Weasels"

"Neglectfully negligent Nigel never noticed frosted feelings of felines, feigning fake fury forever and a day."

"Bragging Bonnie Boasted vociferously brandishing bountiful statistics, stacked surreptitiously sustaining pompous prized positions, posing pretentiously, perpetually pouncing on alligator absences"

"Repulsive rioting refuse rocked roads and ruined businesses, brandishing bricks from parents' proper basement bunker"

"Frantic fingers feverishly focused, flying forever free from future floundering"

"Moving Moonlight MOO-ers graze, gradually gaining ground"

"Moving Minister Manages Morning Message Making Much Meaningful, Magical Missive Momentum"
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