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Child used as a pawn in a bad breakup
A Man and His Son

Oh how I miss my boy. I just want to hold him in my arms and protect his like a father should. He is just a toddler, and because of a relationship gone wrong he is being kept away from me. My heart aches every second of the day and how confused he must be not able to understand why he can't see his daddy. Because of a relationship gone wrong, because of mistakes of both his mom and dad, it is my child who is being hurt the most being kept away from his daddy. The son needs his daddy like he also needs his mommy. I just need to hear his giggle, kiss his booboo's away, hold him, see him smile and hear his breathing while he sleeps. My son, just know I love you more than life and just wait for the time I can hold you in my arms and teach you about life. A child needs his father and a father needs his son. The world is confusing as is, don't use a child as your pawn, as the child is not responsible for your personal hurt or anger. Your children are precious gifts and need to feel the love around them and to be nurtured, not involved with the problems between two adults. Co-Parent!

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