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Ballad of a Western-Type Story
He rode with The Seven,
The Seven Deadly Sins,
For he was Outlaw Wrath!

With Pride, Greed, Lust,
Envy, Gluttony, and Sloth
Outlaw Wrath rode.

They had sold
Their souls to Satan,
And thus did his bidding.

No town was safe
From their cruel
And wicked ways.

For the Seven Deadly Sins
Always drew first,
And gunned the brave down.

Until the day the
Seven were challenged
By the ones Blessed with Virtue-

Prudence, Justice, Temperance,
Courage, Faith, Hope, and Charity
Rode against them.

During the fighting
The Sins fell dead,
Until one was left.

Outlaw Wrath,
Outnumber and outgunned,
Soon fled for his life.

The Seven Virtues pursued,
And Justice fired true,
And put a bullet in Wrath.

Determined to escape,
Wrath soon came upon a house,
With an Angel inside.

With her love,
The Angel cared for him,
And helped his wounds to heal.

Her touch brought about
A change in Wrath,
And he decided to mend his ways.

The Seven Virtues came,
And saw the man that they found,
Was not the man they’d chased.

The Angel soon blessed the man Rath
With the greatest gifts of all,
Her love and two children.

Years went by,
And Rath was a good Father and Husband,
Caring for his Children and his Wife.

Until the day the other Six came,
And tried to get him to rejoin them,
And continue their wicked ways.

Rath refused,
The others drew,
And four laid dead.

Heaven claimed the Angel and the Children,
But did not touch him for his Taint,
And Hell refused him for his Light.

Rath soon made a choice,
Picked up his guns once more,
And rode after the Six.

He was going to make them pay,
For taking away the only good he’d had,
And send them right back to Hell!

Outlaw Rath!
He rode with them,
Now he’s against them.

Wherever they may hide,
He’ll track them down,
And send them where they belong.

He once had a chance,
And it was taken.
So now he Rides!
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