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by Tick
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A starting to a story based around my character Tick and friend Hera

         In a small village hidden deep within the dark forest, in a small, broken but still functional house lives a creature of land and sky. Though its skin bears feathers it cannot fly. This creature uses its skill and speed to glide through the trees like a ninja. With a humanoid body and features of a raven. Dark black feathers, long, skinny legs and talons that can slice through flesh.

         One morning, while the creature is patrolling the forest, it comes upon a band of thieves robbing a young woman. The woman wore a beige dress that was clearly dirty and had been stitched several times, her hair was slightly matted, the color a dirty blond. Using his large bow carved from dragon bone he takes out two of the robbers, hitting one in the lower back and the other in the left shoulder. As the inured robbers fall to the ground, the other two run off into the forest. The woman leans down to grab her bag and looks up into the shadows of the trees.
"Thank you," She said, trying to see who had helped her.
         The creature had jumped down to retrieve his arrows from the fallen robbers. Hearing grunts from their bodies as each is teared out of their flesh. After pocketing some of the gold from a satchel one of the robbers held, he stood up to glance at the woman.
"You're my-" She proclaimed but was cut off.
         Holding up his hand to stop her. He began climbing into another tree, before saying.
"I'm no hero, I merely bring justice to the poor and weak." He said, reaching a branch in the tree that he could perch on.
"Can I at least get your name? You aren't human but surely you have a name. Mine is Hera.Is there any way I can repay you?" Hera asked.
         But before he could answer, he disappeared into the forest, umping from tree to tree. Hunting down the rest of the robbers. Meanwhile Hera had made her way to the village. She was so amazed yet confused that she began to ask around if anyone knew the strange creature but none could give her any answers. Hera was about to give up hope when an elder woman called her over.
"You wish to know the idenity of the creature in the trees?" The elder asked quietly.
         Hera nodded her head softly, sitting next to the elder. She wore relatively clean clothes and a hood over her head. Holding a hand-carved cane which has small intricate details but is still sturdy enough to aid the elder.
"The creature is a species known as Kenku, and this particular one is on his own and is rarely seen. He resides in a hutt on the edge of the village. If you listen closely to the house you can hear the ticking of clockwork. Kenkus are named by how a sound is interperted and his is Tick. The story is when he was born, Tick was always drawn to metal and would poke it with his talons which would make a ticking sound. As time went on, he gathered pieces of metal to create clocks to simulate the same sound. It is said that if you wish to speak with him, you must give him a piece of metal and one gold coin and they must be placed outside of his hutt at midnight." The elder took a deep breath as she finished her story.


         Later that night, Hera had brought the gold and piece of metal as the elder had said. Some time had passed while Hera waited for something to happen. She was about to pick her items up when the door creeked open a crack. The inside was dark but as Hera pushed the door open she could see more and more. She snuck inside quietly, placing the gold and piece of metal on a work table. Looking around her eyes begaan to adjust to the darkness when she began to notice a tall dark figure in the darkness.
"Is that you?" Hera asked, "Tick is your name, right? I just wanted to thank you for helping me today."
         Her words seemed to echo as everything fell silent. The dark figure moving towards her, slowly showing his raven beak and soon is feathers in the moonlight. Before he could speak, he noticed the gold and metal.
"Is that all you came about?" He asked grumpily.
"Yes, well, maybe," She stopped to think for a moment then continued, "what's someone like you, doing here?" She asked.
         As Tick went to make sure the door was locked, he lit a few candles around the room, revealing a couple of chairs around where they were standing. Hera sat down patiently as he made sure the hutt was completely closed.
"What am I doing here?" He asked. "To explain that, I need to explain how I got here."


         Approximately 25 years ago in a city populated by all sizes and shapes, everything was simple and happy but this didn't last for long as war soon broke out. Destroying most everything in the city. A woman Kenku lost all of her family except for one, her son. Everything she knew was gone and all she could do was run. She escaped to a den deep in the woods, there were others hiding there and they promised eachother to work together so they could survive.
         Several years had passed and young Tick needed more space to run so his mother left the little pact in the den. Years passed before they found a safe place to live. There was a clearing in the woods where some humans had built shelters but being afraid of them, Tick's mother had built a hutt on the edge of the clearing and as time passed and she got older she couldn't afford to support them both.
         So one night when his mother was asleep, Tick went out, venturing through the forest until he found the ruins of another village. While he looked around he didn't notice that two large thugs had snuck up behind him. Tick managed to hide within the ruins and using his skills was able to knock them out with some of the crumbling walls. Before he had time to think, Tick had taken some gold from the thugs.
         A couple of days pass before he returns to the clearing, his mother worried and disstraught, had brought him inside to clean him before discovering the gold. She warned him to never do it again, but he did. As time passed and he got older and more experienced, he started becoming a wanted criminal and one night while he was out a thug had discovered his hutt and destroyed the one thing he held dear, his mother. Ever since, he's stayed hidden and vowed to only steal from the rich or those who harm the poor and weak. Soon Tick became forgotton and was rarely seen, very few know of him.

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