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The discord in America is greatly a result of racial profiling & not only by white people.
Please read to the end for the gist of this message.

I believe King had good intentions giving a speech about equality between races. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pounced upon the dream of one man, and brought to the surface in America the proof of how much actual discord there is between the races here. The result, a National agency which stands its legal ground representing those of us Americans who feel we've been overlooked or underpaid, judged or counted out when it comes to the hiring process, the firing process, and general social status based on the color of the skin.

I, like many people I have met throughout my life, have fallen victim to racial profiling. As a young child in primary school, I realized I didn't look like the other kids at my school, and they certainly realized it, too. I was taunted, chased and followed, my head was flicked, my hair was pulled, I was shoved down and called nasty names. Thank God for my older brother who was very protective of me before and after school.

I moved on to junior high thinking things would be different. They weren't. In fact, they got worse. That's when I began to stand up for myself. Those kids didn't take too kindly to someone who looked like me standing my ground and defending my own honor. It resulted in physical confrontations and in-school suspension. The teachers and administrators were mostly that other race, too.

I felt momentarily defeated. By high school, I had become an outright rebel. I was attacked in the gym locker room for no apparent reason. But then it dawned on me that this ostracization was solely about my skin color. It made me sad and angry. I was filled with negative emotions. My A average slipped to Cs. I began to skip school so I didn't have to cope with the cumbersome aggravation and emotional distress.

I did finish school with my class, but some thirty years later, I am still enduring pressure from other races. Grown men and women still behave like ignorant, unsupervised children calling me names based on the color of my skin. What they don't realize is I am a loving Christian who forgives daily and have risen above that negative image put forth over my life. That said, the government agency I mentioned earlier, the NAACP, would never help my cause because I Am White.
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