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A supernatural vigilante who is the son of the devil and a follower of god.
It was a cold night in Queens on 1984 that was the year that I was born my nother died at birth and my dad is a devil,so he was in hell,because of that i was sent to an orphanage and they called me the bonum daemonium which is good demon in latin and since at that time i was nameless I was named Damon ,I spent a few in that orphanage in those few years i learned to use my abilities like how to set things on fire with my mind and make the leaves on a tree dry out just by touching them.After 3 or 4 years i got adopted by the Stane family of course the orphange didnt tell them that I was the son of the devil.

I had a normal human life after i got adopted and I also made history I was the only demon who went to church every Sunday.I was a very good demon i learned my abc,s I ate my vegetables but then when I was 18 right after my graduation my dad popped out from nowhere for a visit and he said:"Son come with me and we shall rule the world of heaven and earth as father and son."Then I said :"No ,not in the mood I like the world the way it is."Then he said:"This is what you were born for."Then I said:"Is that the best reason you can give me."Then he said:"You,ll regret the day you disobeyed me!."Then I said:"What are you going to do ground me?"Then he just disappeared mysteriously.

I was married with two kids Mary and Jake who are the children of the demon it was 100% human life it was perfect until on my birthday my house got burned down and within the ashes ther was a note that said "Happy birthday ,Damon.Love dad a.k.a the devil."and that pissed me of ,so i went investigating ,I went investigating in the bar trying to get some intel about some bad guys who might have did this turns out I had an eye witness who saw two guys who were his friends and they were acting kinda strange and scared ,once he said that I knew that they made a deal with my old man .

I knew that whenever someone made a deal with my dad they would have some demon abilities,so good bye human hello demon,of course i couldnt be a demon hunter/vigilante without a cool attire so I bought a black leather jacket that kind of glides in the air everytime I jump and I went to do some resarch about demons turns out i can make people see what they fear most and that was awesome, after that I went looking for the guys on the kill list.

When I found them their eyes were pitch black and when you see someone with pitch black eyes means my daddy took their soul and they both have super powers but it was nothing compared to what daddy passed on to me I could call out revenge thirsty souls to help me kick butt and they did an amazing job at kicking butt.I asked them if they knew anyone else who made a deal to become a bounty hunter for my dad and they said

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