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Northern Sibling of the United States
Canadian History

Canada, the northern neighbor of the United States, covers a huge swath of land from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from its southern border, with the U.S., to the Arctic Ocean.1 This makes Canada one of the largest and most expansive nations on the planet. While there are other nations larger than Canada, none of them have Canada's unique personality. It is this personality, which is a combination of its history, location on the planet, size, idiosyncrasies of its citizens, and interactions with its neighbors, that makes Canada attractive to many U.S. Citizens.

Before the arrival of British and French explorers, Canada--like the United States--was inhabited by several different tribes of indigenous people. In the sixteenth century, both Britain and France established colonies in Canada. Because of numerous conflicts, Britain "gained and lost territories"2 in, what was then, British North America. Until, in the late eighteenth century, Britain controlled only parts of Canada. In July of 1867, as a result of the British North America Act, the federal dominion of Canada was formed. Over the next century or so, and as a result of several several Statutes and Acts, Canada eventually severed its legal ties with the British Parliament.3

Interesting Information about Canada:
Part 14

*BulletBr* It is a federal parliamentary democracy.
*BulletBr* It is a constitutional monarchy--Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II.

The Canadian Baha'i Community

In 1898, fifty-four years after after The Bab5 declared his mission, Baha'is arrived in Canada.6 In 2017, there are over 35,000 Baha'is in Canada, representing "the country’s rich cultural and ethnic diversity."7 Of the 35,000 Baha'is approximately 18% are "from First Nations and Inuit backgrounds"8 with about 30% being immigrants. The Baha'is are spread across 1,200 locations in almost every territory and province. 9

Edith Magee, from London, Ontario, in 1898 was the first Canadian to declare his belief in Baha'u'llah. In 1902, a Baha'i Community was established in Montréal (the first in the country). And in 1912, 'Abdu'l-Baha, while on his journey in North America, made a side trip to Montréal.10

Interesting Information about Canada:
Part 2 - Geography11

*BulletBr* St. Paul, Alberta in 1967 first UFO landing pad constructed.
*BulletBr* Sudbury, Ontario SNOLAB 2 km under the city. This is the deepest lab in the world.
*BulletBr* This country has 1,453 airports.
*BulletBr* Forest cover 31% of the land.
*BulletBr* Longest coastline in the world.
*BulletBr* Has 20% of the planet's fresh water.

Freedom of Religion in Canada

Even though, Canada has become a post-Christian, secular state, the government is dedicated to religious pluralism and freedom of religion is constitutionally protected. Most Canadians believe in God, but religion does not play an important role in the daily life of many. Besides the Baha'i Faith there are numerous other religions practiced by the population of Canada. As well as, people who claim no specific religion or none at all.12

In a 2011 census, approximately 38.7% were Roman Catholic, while 27% were Protestant. About 8.8% of the people were affiliated with non-Christian religions with 3.2% being followers of Islam (no specific denomination of this faith was mentioned) and 1.5% Hindu. While 23.9% claimed no religious affiliation.13 There were no percentages given on the followers of the First Nations or Inuit religions.

Interesting Information about Canada:
Part 3 - Wildlife14

*BulletBr* 2.4 million Caribou.
*BulletBr* Northern Alberta has the worlds longest Beaver dam at 850m.
*BulletBr* Near Winnipeg you can see tens of thousands of garter snakes mating.
*BulletBr* Each year there are about 247 auto accidents that involve moose.
*BulletBr* There are approximately 15,500 polar bears living in Canada.

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