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Why cats never have a milk mustache.
Have you ever noticed the different ways that cats and dogs drink milk and water? Dogs seem to drink liquids without regard to whether they slop it all over themselves. While cats appear to be much more daintily-inclined drinkers. This is because in our Creators' (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) unique design of feline characteristics, They gave cats a method for neatly consuming every drop of liquid they drink, as one of the Creative testimonies inherent in nature of everything being created by Them.

I was blessed to learn about this uniqueness in the design of cats from a revealing article about it in the Oct. - Dec. 2013 issue of Answers in Genesis magazine titled: "KITTY PHYSICS".

As noted in this article in the CREATION ON DISPLAY section of the magazine:

A cat curls its tongue and delicately touches the surface of the liquid its drinking, such as milk. The milk then sticks to the cat's tongue. As it quickly pulls its tongue back, the milk rises neatly out of the bowl holding it.

At the exact moment that the milk stops rising, the cat closes its mouth, pinching off a drop just before anything falls back into the bowl. Any earlier, and the rising milk would splash all over the cat's whiskers, any later, and the cat would remain thirsty.

Our Creators gave cats the instinct to know the exact frequency needed to quench their thirst while keeping their whiskers clean. For housecats, that's about four laps per second. Larger cats, like lions, average about two laps per second.

So, now you know one of the unique differences our Creators designed into the abilities and characteristics of Their feline creations.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2127225-A-DIFFERENCE-BETWEEN-CATS-AND-DOGS