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by K.HBey
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Someone has to do the impossible, move mountains in order to live in dignity, prosperity
"Dear daughter Emerald, I will leave such humble earth world forever and I must let you alone". "However I stay close to you with my spirit to guide you everywhere".
"You will be delivered lonely to such world full indeed of happiness and joy but also full of harm and cruelty". "Though remember that hope is eternal and that goodness and always sooner or later; will surpass the evil". "This is the life law."

Eyes flooding with tears, the arms draping entirely and tightening her mother corpse, kisses for the last one, the front of her mother; Emerald is watching her mother leaving such world forever.

Emerald is flying, hoping to live moments in the sky with her mother. She really feels close to her. She feels her tenderness, love and remembers all her speeches to the point it seems to her that she is listening to her voice coming from the sky. "Mother is here", Emerald says.
Flying further, Emerald stops when she sees a dazzling light coming from over there. It catches her eyes. This is the first time that she sees such brightening.
So she decides to land. Being closer it seems to her that she is in heaven. This is a land full of vegetables, flowers, trees, sea surrounding it and there are many lakes.
She is too amazed to discover small houses shining everywhere. They are made of gold, she supposes.

"Hello! Dear nice girl": A dwarf says."
She is too surprised to see a dwarf. "Hello"! Emerald says." Where am I?" " What is this country?" She asks.
"You are in dwarfs land," "welcome": Says the dwarf.
He follows her and introduces their leader to her, Mister Nano. "Hello! What a pretty girl!": Nano says. "Hello!" "It is nice to meet you". "I would like to know further about your country": Emerald says.

"This is our land". "It is too wide and equals a continent". "It is about 400.000.00 KM2 superficies". "Our ancestors lived in a full wealth during centuries till the arrival of such giants". "Indeed we are people who work hard in order to live in a full comfort". "Our land is gifted and we have many resources and sources of energy." "We have minerals like gold; silver and iron". "We have many vegetables and fruits". "We have forests, water and fishes".

"However, the giants who live in an island close to us keep all our products". "Indeed they are the strong and we are the weak". "However we have all the resources and they have nothing". "They can invade us and exterminate our race in one second but they won't". "That is because they are giants and they cannot go to places where we can go in order to extract resources".

"We are their slaves, they get full profit of our resources and we live under the poverty threshold". "We are suffering a lot in our health, economy and freedom". "We are fed up with this situation".

"Today we have a meeting with the giant leader at 09 am at the golden place within this forest". "It is about 30 meters from here". "Would you come with us Emerald?" Nano asks.
"Yes sure I would", Emerald says. "We go on foot": Nano says.

There is a magnificent nature never seen. It is made of palm, banana trees and many exotic plants. They smell many kinds of perfumes: vanilla, clove, basil and many others.

They are watered by fresh sea water. Indeed they have their feet on the sea side. The place is shining a lot. This place is a gold quarry. Here there is a great statue symbolizing a golden flower. It is full of diamonds and something is carved on it. It is written: "we, dwarfs promise to work for freedom, prosperity and wealth forever". "We will fight at the last breath against enemy, the one who try to steal our land". "Our land is for everyone".
"The giants' island has belonged to our land notoriety first": Nano says. "Oh! Really": Emerald says.

All the dwarfs are sitting quietly, attending giants and a deep silence is surrounding the golden place.
We can easily hear bees and fly sounds.
Emerald is perched on a tree.

Suddenly, the land trembles and it seems that there is an earthquake.
Ursula, the giants' leader is coming at wide and enormous paths, accompanied with his nation. He is wearing tiger skin. He is enormous. His face is carved by severe features.
Sitting on his gigantic chair made of gold and diamond, his voice loading and he starts the speech.
"We are the greatest nation in the world and we have a pertinent project", Ursula declares.
All people both dwarfs and giants applause. This is a dwarfs' humiliating landmark of submission. "Hey!" They say loudly.

"We intend to invade many other nations; we are strong and able to bear such mission": Ursula says.
He adds: "That is why we need weapons." "You, dwarfs have the task to produce such sophisticated weapons". "As you know, any rebellion and imperfection will meet death". Suddenly a deep silence comes back.
The dwarfs are looking to each other quietly and a sign of anxiety is drawn on their faces. However they have no choice, they have to listen and execute.

When the meeting has finished and giants go back, dwarfs are still in this golden place. Nano, the leader sets on the giant leader chair and starts to make a speech.

"Hey dwarfs, please listen to me": Says Nano. He starts to talk: "Indeed we are the weak and they are the strong. However, giants depend entirely on us. They have no resources and all our products go to them. "He adds: "they want us to produce for them weapons"." Why don't we use them against them?" "We can then demolish them in one second forever."

Kevin is a dwarf scholar. He replies:" but we must produce weapons getting dimensions which suit their scale size in order to demolish them". His speech creates disturbance within such population and views are shared on two, between "yes we can do it" and "no we cannot, it is impossible". All people are sceaming agitating and angry.

"Be quiet please": says Nano. A deep silence sets again. He says: "Indeed it is a hard thing but not impossible". "We have no choice because this is our last chance". He adds: "We will need expertise and endeavors from each one of us".
"Dear Emerald, can you help us"? He asks. "Yes of course": Emerald responds.
"We need you to fly again and bring us giants' information day by day". "As we need to get weapons human being expertise from your country": Nano says.

The dwarfs are working night and day to finish such weapons. They are cutting mountains in order to extract all minerals: gold, silver, diamond and iron.
Their motivation is that it is the dwarfs' nation issue. They have to liberate it from such giants; such harsh creatures, without any pity and who destroy everything around them.

Most often, the giants harass dwarfs to finish weapons earlier threatening them with tortures, killing and depriving them from their families. However the dwarfs are accustomed to such giants' intimidations.

Weapons are finally ready, but the dwarfs have hidden them preciously and try wisely to delay their deliverance to giants. "They are not finished yet "or "they need some assays", these are argues given by dwarfs to giants.

The giants are used to be drunk every night and they stay awake. They sleep all the day. Indeed they have nothing to do.
That is why the dwarfs are preparing themselves to attack them on the day, at the dawn.
Dwarfs and all together are ready to fight.

"Hey fellows are you ready?" Nano asks.
All the dwarfs nation responds together: "yes we are ready to fight against such cruel enemy."

"Listen to me dear compatriots": Nano says. "Indeed we have finished producing weapons and we will never deliver them to giants". "Our nation has always had high human values starting from our ancestors". "We will not respond to evil by evil". "We will propose to them peace first and we will see". "The history and during time, has revealed all nations acts and honored those who have the merit, as it will do with our nation."
These words have jeopardized all the dwarfs endeavors and dreams.

The entire crowd is then screaming. Some say: "we have done both hard and immense endeavors and we left our families in order to work hard and produce weapons but for nothing."

Others say: "They have prevented us to live and have tortured us for years and now we have to be kind with them. It is completely ridiculous".

Kevin takes the speech: "Be quiet please". A deep silence is set. Kevin talks again: "Our dwarfs' race has been preserved because of its wisdom". "Our handmade weapons are too strong". "They have a long scoop and they have heavy metals and can destroy localizing deeply a great surface". "By destroying giants we will destroy our island and the sea surrounding. "That is why we must review our giants' attack".

Nano takes the speech again and adds: "Our nation has been built on some principles that we have to respect from generation to generation as our ancestors did".
"Pacification, freedom, equality and tolerance are the base of our constitution". "Our land is a haven to everyone who respects such principles even the giants". "However the giants have to accept our pact and to follow it scrupulously, otherwise they have to leave the island deliberately or forced ". "Wars and during history, have never been satisfied with reaping a part of life but rather with reaping the entire life". "They destroy everything". "We are the weak but we are wise." "They are the strong but don't know how to think, they use only their force." "So who is the strongest we or they?"
The dwarfs' population is now quiet.

Nano and some dwarfs scholars go to the meeting with Ursula.
Nano takes the speech: "We have finished the full production of the weapons and they are hidden in places you can never get access." "They will stay forever in our possession."
"Today we dwarfs are the strongest". "We propose to you a pact." "If you accept such deal you will live in a full peace on this island but under our notoriety; if not you have to leave forever".

Ursula screams as he has never done previously and the entire island trembles and says in a full arrogance : "you cannot do this".
Nano replies: "No we can". Here it is an essay of our weapons. The island trembles again but it is too strongly. Indeed one weapon destroys one place of the island completely.

When seeing this, Ursula is too afraid. "We will think about your pact": he replies. This is the first time that Ursula is really scared.

Today there are two nations' dwarfs and giants. They live as neighbors in a full peace, respect and do transactions according to the nation's countries laws. Both dwarfs and giants are considered citizens at a full part and they live under the notoriety of dwarfs.

Emerald realizes that the strong is not especially by force but by what he can do wisely. As he realizes that the world is also harmful and that someone must do the impossible like moving mountains in order to fight against evil, suffering, humiliation, ache and slavery.

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