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Melody and her friends are stalked by someone in a skull mask; An unknown girl is trapped.
Chapter Four

The party at the fraternity house was in full swing by the time Melody and Megan had arrived that night. There were frat boys binge drinking, standing up on the tables being idiots with some girls dancing with them topless.

"I'm glad you guys could make it," Caleb said, as he approached them with a smile.

Megan smiled widely up at him and ran her right hand through her long brown hair. "Wouldn't miss it," she replied, fluttering her eyelashes up at him.

"Is Tyler here yet?" Melody asked him.

"No, not yet," he replied.

"OK," she answered with disappointment. Melody turned to Megan. "I'm just gonna wait outside for him."

"OK," Megan said. "Would you like me to come with you?"

She shook her head and her long blonde hair tumbled down over her shoulders. Melody turned and left Caleb and Megan to chat while squeezed herself through the heaving crowd of drunk fraternity brothers and sorority girls. She walked down a couple of steps and sat down, then sighed heavily. Melody checked her phone from her bag, there were no messages. Melody wondered if she should call him when suddenly, her phone beeped loudly. A smile spread across her pretty face.

'Be there in five minutes'. The text from Tyler read.

'OK, I am outside the fraternity house, ' Melody quickly texted back.

Another beep of a text message came with a kiss smiley face.

She sent one back.

Ten minutes later, Jake walked out of the frat party with some guys laughing and noticed Melody down on her lonesome. "Hey, Mel, are you OK?" he asked with concern. He turned to his friends. "Give me a couple of minutes." Jake sat down next to her on the step.

"Yeah, just waiting for Tyler to arrive," Melody replied.

Just at that moment, Tyler came jogging over from the parking lot and kissed her on the lips. "Sorry, I'm late. I had a couple of things to take care of," he said apologetically. He sat down next to her on the step.

"It's OK, Jake was keeping me company," she replied with a smile.

He acknowledged Jake with a nod of the head and shook his hand. "Thanks for keeping Melody company."

"No sweat, man, we're all friends," Jake replied.

"I heard Megan accused you of sending her the dead rat."

"Yeah, I wouldn't be that evil." Jake turned his head and saw Caleb in deep conversation with Megan. "But on the other hand, Caleb was rather evil in school."

Melody raised a surprised eyebrow. "You think Caleb would send that to Megan? If he did then why put 'love, H' in the note? It's someone else," she said. She turned her head towards Caleb amongst the crowded fraternity house and saw him throwing back his head with laughter at something Megan had said. Her mind began to wonder whether he had sent that sick gift to Megan as a sick joke as she remembered how cruel he was in elementary school to Holly Jackson.

"Hey, Mel, you dropped your letter," said Jake handing her her letter.

"Thanks," she took the letter from his hand and stared down at the envelope. "Who writes addresses in red ink?" she asked Tyler and Jake.

Jake and Tyler shrugged their shoulders.

"Open it and see who's it from," suggested Tyler. He glanced up and looked around the tall trees as a gentle breeze had picked up making the tops of the trees sway slightly.

"This is for all of us," Melody realised. She noticed Tyler kept on looking up and glancing around. "What is it?"

"It's nothing," he replied.

She turned the letter over and opened it pulling out the folded bit of paper and opened it out and gasped in horror.

"What's it say, Melody?" asked Tyler.

"'YOU CAN NEVER FORGET H.J, YOU CAN NEVER ERASE HER FROM YOUR MIND. BE AWARE, SHE'S EVERYWHERE!'" Melody read out loud. Her hands began shaking. She turned to Tyler and Jake who looked just as horrified as she was.

"Who would send this?" asked Jake with disgust.

"Get Megan and Caleb they need to see this as well," Melody ordered him.

"Sure," he replied. Jake rushed back inside.

She stared down at the letter and touched the smeared letters on the paper and gasped at the realisation that it was blood.

Megan and Caleb rushed out with Jake and they gasped with horror when they silently read the note.

"What does it mean?" asked Caleb. "Whose H.J?"

"You seriously don't remember the initials?!" Melody demanded him.

Caleb shook his head. "No, should I?" he asked innocently.

"H.J is the initials of Holly Jackson, the little girl who went missing at our elementary school ten years ago," she informed him.

"Oh, yeah, I remember now. A right weird one she was," he replied.

Anger had built up inside Melody and she slapped him.

"What the hell was that for?!" Caleb demanded. His blue eyes glared back at her. "God, Melody!"

Melody immediately felt awful. "I'm so sorry, Caleb," she apologised.

Megan looked inside the envelope the note was in and shrieked in horror.

"What?" Tyler asked. He peered over her shoulder and the others gathered around as well. They gasped back in horror as they saw black human hair inside the envelope.

"Guys, who the hell is that?" asked Jake.

"Who?" asked Caleb.
He pointed towards the tall trees and a dark figure wearing a scary skull mask stood there staring directly at them.

"Who is that?" Melody asked.

"That's who's been following me from my apartment to here," Tyler told them. He turned back with his friends to look at the dark figure who continued to stare. "Who are you?!" He raised his voice to be heard.

The dark figure continued to stare at them and then it turned and disappeared amongst the trees.

"Should we call the police?" Melody asked.

The friends looked at each other, and each of them didn't know what to do? What should they say to the police? We think someone wants revenge on us from something that happened ten years ago?

A teenaged girl lay on the cold concrete ground of the cellar in the abandoned house where Melody and friends' stalker's lair was. She opened her eyes and sat up looking around at the cold stone walls with a musty smell in the air. She began to shiver with fear and coldness as she didn't know where she was. The girl got to her feet and looked down at her hands that were covered in dirt and dust. She saw a set of stairs in front of her and tried to run towards them, but she couldn't. She looked back and her eyes widened in horror as she had a chain around her ankles that was connected to the wall. The girl began to cry as she looked up at the ceiling searching for a window or anywhere to escape from.

There was a tiny window in the far corner, but she was unable to reach it.

The girl tried and tried to pull the chain free from the wall with not much success. She fell to her knees and her body shook as she sobbed hard. Who had captured her? What did they want from her? Would she ever see her family again?

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