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"When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being..."
Anthony Douglas Williams said, "When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul."

I've had many dogs in my life and each had its own personality, its own soul shining through their soft eyes.

Sooner or later they all pass over the rainbow bridge to play in the sunshine awaiting our crossover, leaving us here with soul-scorching tears and broken hearts. I believe as they cross, they pass on a little special something of themselves, to the next soul-friend waiting in the wings.

When I lost my Oortjies, I felt lost. He was my best friend, the only one I could tell things to without being judged, the warm body next to me during a difficult divorce. The only thing I had left after too many years of wasted time. So when he passed over in my arms, I swore never to have another again, never to feel that pain again. Never.

Then I saw her. The 'ugliest', most gorgeous puppy. A cross between a Pug and a Cocker Spaniel - Jip I know. A fluff ball with curly hair just like me, her front teeth sticking out way too far. I lost my heart again and Pixie Dust came home with me. She is my shadow. She follows me around, waits for me at the window to come home. Then she runs onto the bed and I have to give her kisses all over her neck and her tummy. I look into that softest of eyes. And I see them all smiling back at me. Peppy. Wollie. Patches. Benji. Ore. They are all there in that little soul of love. I can feel them. I can see them.

After a rough day outside in the real world, with tiredness in my bones, we share a hundred kisses and it all just flows away into nothing, into calmness and love. Into an everything is going to be fine feeling. I look into her soft eyes and feel the love.

Maybe that is what we, as humans need to do. Really look into the eyes of our fellow searchers on this earth. See their souls. Feel the love. Don't judge, don't ask questions, just share the love. Just share a hundred soul kisses.

Everything will be fine.

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